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The Intervention page has the ability to add a Stakeholder to the Intervention record. A stakeholder is someone who will be involved in the student intervention. There can be multiple stakeholders including parents, teachers, and counselors. 


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To add a Stakeholder to an Intervention record, click the mouse on the Stakeholders button.

A Stakeholders area will display. Click on Add New Record.

Enter the Name of the Stakeholder and their Relationship to the student. Select the Account Type the stakeholder has. The Account Type of would be selected for a district staff member. The Account Type of Parent/Student would be selected for a parent or student.

After selecting an Account Type, the Account column will display a Search icon that can be used to search for the stakeholders current account. If an account is found and added, the stakeholder will then be able to see a “caseload” of information regarding the Intervention record in the portal. 

After all information has been added, click the mouse on the Save icon to save the information.

If a teacher is listed as a Stakeholder, the teacher Home screen displays an “Intervention Caseload” widget that displays the Intervention records that the teacher is linked to via the stakeholders table (INS). The widget allows the teacher to navigate directly to the student Intervention record where they can add data to the record.

Note: Only active intervention records will display on the Intervention Caseload widget to teachers. Active records have a blank value for the Intervention Status field. If any code is specified in the Status field, the intervention is considered Inactive.