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The Goals area can be used to record details regarding goals set for a student intervention. A goal can be added to any existing Intervention record. To add a Goal to an Intervention record, click the mouse on the Goals button.


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An Intervention Goals area will display. Click the mouse on Add New Record. Select a Goal code from the drop down list. Enter a Description, Target Date and Status and % Success. The Created By field will autopopulate with the name of the logged in user. A Comment can also be added. Click the mouse on the Save icon to save the information.

An Action can be added to a Goal by clicking on Add Action under the Goal. An action is something that must be done to facilitate the success of the goal.

The following will display. Select a Stakeholder from the Stakeholder drop down list. Select a Code and type in a Description. Enter a Target Date. A Comment can be added as well as information on the Criteria of Success for the Goal Action. After all information is entered, click the mouse on the OK button.

After the Action is saved it will display under the corresponding Goal in the Goals area.

NOTE:  The names shown in the Stakeholder drop down list come from the names added under the Stakeholders area. 

To delete an individual Goal for a student, click the mouse on the Edit icon to the left of the Date field for the goal. Next click the mouse on the Delete icon. A message will display to confirm the deletion. Clicking the mouse on the OK button will delete the Goal information and the goal’s Action information.