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The Progress Comments area can be used to add in detailed information on the monitoring of progress the student is making.  The comment information can be referred to in assisting to determine what interventions work best for an individual student.


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To add a Progress comment to an Intervention record, click the mouse on the Progress Comments button. Next click on Add New Record

The Date field will default with today’s date. Select a Progress Comment Code from the drop down list. The Comment area can be used to type in comments about the student’s progress. The Created by name will automatically populate with the name of the current user login name.

When finished entering all data, click the mouse on the Save icon to save the information.

To delete a Progress Comment for a student, click the mouse on the Edit icon to the left of the Date field for the Progress Comment entry. Next, click the mouse on the Delete icon. A message will display confirming the deletion. Clicking the mouse on OK will delete that Progress Comment information.