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View Mode  

In View Mode, the Classes New form displays a graphical picture of a student's current schedule, and provides options for printing. In Edit Mode, this form is used to add, change, and delete a student's courses and/or to choose sections of courses for the student's schedule. 

View Mode displays the following information about each course in a student's schedule:

  • The course number and title, the period, the term, the days (or split term if applicable) that the class meets, the teacher's number and name, the section number, the room, the number of students enrolled, the number of seats left in the class, and Perm Lock information
  • The class that the student is currently attending, according to the Bell Schedule (signified by HERE in the Today column)
  • Links to more information about a specific course, teacher, or section
  • Links to any documents provided for that course
  • Supplemental Attendance Information, if applicable
  • High School graduation status information, if applicable

View Mode also provides the following options:

  • Printing the schedule in PDF or other formats
  • Printing the changes made to the student's schedule, starting with a specified date
  • Viewing the schedule sorted by term, for only the current term, or for the current date

Edit Mode  

In View Mode, click on the Edit button to move into Edit Mode, which provides a workspace where the student's schedule can be changed. 

When changing sections in a student's schedule, the End Date and Start Date MUST be correctly entered, to ensure accurate maintenance of the data in the Course Attendance Reporting (CAR) table. CAR keeps a record of when each student is enrolled in any section.  


Edit Mode allows the following actions:

  • Adding a course, by typing a course number or name into the New Class box
  • Adding a specific section, by section number, by clicking on the pencil icon under the New Class box
  • Deleting a course by clicking on the Trash icon (deletion of a course will ask for confirmation before deleting)
  • Changing sections (click on the "tile" for the new section in the grid)
  • Reschedule allows Aeries to choose sections for the student based on the availability of seats
  • Reset abandons any changes made in the workspace and displays the student's original schedule from when Edit Mode was entered
  • Save schedules the student into the selected sections, leaves Edit Mode, and returns to View Mode
  • Cancel abandons any changes made in Edit Mode's workspace and returns to View Mode
  • Schedule Only Spring allows Edit Mode to be used to only schedule sections that meet during Spring terms
  • CrsReqPack allows Course Request Packets to be viewed and added to the student's Edit Mode workspace
  • View MST displays the Master Schedule to locate available sections and add them to the workspace
  • Show Section Info expands each section's "tile" to show more information about that section
  • Lock a section by clicking on the Lock icon or by adding a Perm Lock code (from the SSS table code and PL field)

Sections with a linked value in MST.CL will display with a chain icon under the section number column. The value of the field will display at the end of the column labeled ClsLink#. Clicking on the plus symbol to add a section to the student's course requests, will automatically include the other linked sections with a matching class link value.

NOTE: A linked section will not be added if it is in a term prior to the term of the selected section (i.e., if a Spring section is selected, a linked Fall section will NOT be added. However, if a Fall section is selected, a linked Spring section will be added). Once the selected section has been added, the linked section(s) will immediately be added with no validation checks such as outside grade range or full class.