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The Print Grade Report Cards will gather all Grade (GRD) or Gradebook Snapshots (GSS) data necessary to produce any of the available report cards listed below. For more information on Grading Snapshots, see Grading Snapshots.

NOTE: The Print Grade Report Cards process uses Grade Reporting Data (GRD) data to determine the class and teacher information that will be printed on the report cards, therefore, the Grade Reporting (GRD) table may need to be initialized for Gradebook Snapshots (GSS) marks. Please see Grade Reporting - Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle article for more information on how to initialize the Grade Reporting Data (GRD) table.

  • If the Gradebook Snapshot marks are being printed prior to the first Grade Reporting period of the school year, then the Grade Reporting (GRD) table must be initialized before attempting to print the report cards.
  • If the Gradebook Snapshot marks are being printed in between Grade Reporting periods, then the Grade Reporting (GRD) table may need to be initialized before printing the report cards in order to print the student's current class and teacher information.

Print Grade Report Cards - screenshot

All letter report cards have the option to print mail information at the top of the report card instead of at the bottom. Click on Print mail info at top of page to select this option. 

Print Grade Report Cards - Print mail info at top of page option

Print Grade Report Cards - Example with mail info at top of page

Configuration Settings  

Click on the radio button to the left of the Select Report Card to Print options to choose which report card to generate.

The Print Report Cards For defaults to print report cards for Active students Only. To include inactive students click to the left of Both Active and Inactive Students. To show all students, select the Show all Students (includes inactive students) option under Select Students to Print.  

Note:  If printing report cards for inactive students, confirm that the Sort Report Cards option in Grade Reporting Options is set to print by Name.

The Address Report Cards To section has two options, Parents and Contacts - Only students who have contacts. Selecting Parents will print report cards using the parent name and address from the Demographics page. Selecting Contacts will print a report card only for those contacts that have a Mail Tag code on a Contact record. If no contacts exist with a Mail Tag code, then no report cards will print using that option. Report cards generated for parents and contacts are two separate operations and MUST be run separately.

If the Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions have specific correspondence languages set up, then report cards can be selected to print for these Correspondence Languages.  Any student containing these CL codes in their student record (STU.CL) will print the report card in the translated language.

The following options are available:

  • All Languages – if codes and descriptions are set up for specific languages they will print in these languages on the report cards for only students with the same CL in their student record and ALL other students' report cards will print in English
  • English Only – will print all report cards in English regardless of a student’s correspondence language
  • Only CL Of: - will print report cards for only the students that have the correspondence language selectedPrint Grade Report Cards - Language Options


The following is an example of a report card that has been created in the student's Correspondence Language of Spanish.

Print Grade Report Cards - generated in Spanish Correspondence Language

NOTE:  The translations must be set up in Update Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions otherwise the default description will print

If the Correspondence Language codes for Spanish (01), Vietnamese (02), Cantonese (03) or Korean (04) are selected, the headings on the report card will be translated. 

To print a report card for specific students, select the students from the list on the right hand side.  

If the school is multi-track an option will display to identify which track to print. 

The type of report card that was selected at the top of the page will determine the number of marks that can be populated on the report card. In the below example a 3 mark letter report card was selected which allowed for up to 3 Grade Report (GRD) or Gradebook Snapshots (GSS) marks to be populated on the report card. Select the Marks to be populated on the report card using the dropdown. 

Default headers for the Grade Report (GRD) marks will populate the boxes below the dropdown. These headers can up customized by typing up to 3 characters in each box. The customized headers will be stored in the Grade Report Mark Headings (GRP) table when the report cards are printed and will become the new default headings.

Headers will need to be entered for the Gradebook Snapshots (GSS) marks. These headers are also limited to at most 3 characters. The Gradebook Snapshot headers will be stored in the Grading Periods (GPD) table when the report cards are printed and will become default headings for that snapshot.

Print Grade Report Cards - Mark selection and headers

If the Grade Reporting Options page has the Sort by Teacher option selected, the Grade Report Cards page will display two additional options.  

When the report card is generated, it is sorted by the teacher that each student has for the selected period on the selected day.  The teacher name (TCH.TE) and room number print at the bottom of each student's report card. 

The intent is for the report cards to be delivered to the teacher printed at the bottom of the report card, to be handed out to the student during the selected period.

Note: Schedule changes may cause the printed teacher at the bottom of the report card to be different from the listed teacher who has given the grade for the period specified. 

Once all selections are made click on Run Report to generate the report cards. Clicking on Generate Report Card History will create pdf copies of the report cards.