The Employers page, accessible from School Info | Configurations in the navigation, is where employers are added and maintained. Employers are used not only with Internships but also with Work Permits.

Employers are added and managed here for use in Internships. At a minimum, the Employer Name, and Internship Contract Type fields must be populated to use the employer with Internships.

If one of the codes selected was marked with a specific expiration date timeframe as setup in the code table, when the user enters a Current Contract Date, the system will automatically prompt the user to populate the Expiration Date.

The Contact field on the Employers page is also used with Internships. If this field is populated, it will be used to pre-populate the Supervisor Name field when recording an Internship Visit.

Once the employer record is saved and marked with an Internship Contract Type, it is available for use with Internships.