In order for teachers to submit Supplemental Attendance through the Teacher Portal, the Staff ID used on the Supplemental Attendance Session (ATR) must be associated to a Teacher record. Teacher Portal also requires the security User Account be associated to the Staff ID.

The Portal Options form will display Supplemental Attendance Options on the Attendance tab. Enter # Days Teachers Can Back Post or Forward Post if applicable. Click the mouse on the Save button

When the teachers log into the Teacher Portal, Supplemental Attendance will be listed in the navigation tree. Click the mouse on Supplemental Attendance and the following screen will display. Two views are available for teachers: Daily view and a Weekly view.

All the sessions the teacher is assigned to will display in the Session dropdown. Click the mouse on the session to select it.

There are several ways to enter attendance in Teacher Portal:

  • Daily View/Edit

    1. Enter by Class List

    2. Enter by Student Number or Student ID

    3. Scanning using hand-held scanner to scan ID cards with bar codes.

  • Weekly View/Edit

Daily View

The Daily View/Edit option allows attendance to be viewed and entered by day. To enter attendance by a class list on the Daily Supplemental Attendance page, click the mouse on the Sessions dropdown to select the session. Then click the mouse on the green + sign in the day column for the student. When the mouse is clicked on the green + button, the start and end times will default based on the times defined for the session.

Note: Inactive student's still enrolled in the session will display but will not display a green + button.

To enter attendance by student number or perm ID, set the toggle to Check in and then enter a student number or perm ID in the Student ID box and hit the Enter key or click on Go. If the option Allow Walk-ins is selected for the Program, a student number or ID number can be entered for a student not enrolled in the session.

NOTE: SCANNING - To enter attendance with a hand-held scanner, click the mouse in the Enter Student ID field on the Daily Supplemental Attendance page with the scanner connected to the computer. With the cursor in the Student ID field a barcode of the Student number or Permanent ID number can be scanned.

Weekly View

The Weekly Supplemental Attendance page allows teachers to take attendance for students a week at a time. Click the mouse on the Weekly View/Edit Supplemental Attendance option and the following page will display.

Click the mouse on the green + button if the student is present. When the mouse is clicked on the green + button, the start and end times will default based on the times defined for the session.

The week navigation buttons can be used to change to different weeks.

The Teacher Supplemental Attendance page also has a Check in ALL Students for the Selected Date button. This can be used to check in all of the students into the session at one time. 

The page also has a Print Supplemental Attendance Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet option which prints a report with a QR code students can scan to sign themselves into the session.