If a barcode is printing or displaying such as @123456789@ instead of the actual barcode image, the Aeries Reporting Server, or workstation if using Aeries Client may not have the proper barcode font installed. 

The barcode font used by both the Aeries Client and Web version is RSWIDE39.TTF, which is a standard Code 39 (3 of 9) bar code. This font file (see attachment) will need to be downloaded and installed. We make this font available in every update file that we publish on our website. 

After downloading the file, simply copy it to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on the server (or workstation if using Aeries Client). A reboot of the server may be necessary to apply the change.

Note: With recent versions of Windows (Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10), by default, fonts get installed to the currently logged in user account only. To properly install fonts on these systems, right click Install for All Users to install the fonts rather than copying them to the fonts folder.

Some reports where this barcode font is used include: Locator Cards, District Asset Labels, and Query Labels.

Before font has been installed:

After font has been installed: