Online Enrollment

This session answered pre-submitted Online Enrollment questions from our attendees.  Questions can be found in the PDF.  Links to the Knowledge Base Articles that were discussed, and a link to the video, are listed below.

Here are the Links that were shared during the Presentation:

Aeries Idea to change Birthdate Ranges: OE change BD Ranges 

Aeries Idea to be able to customize Authorizations by School: Customize Authorizations for OE


Aeries Idea for requests to add Edit Option:  OE Add Edit Option for Request


Aeries Idea disable parents/guardians from changing Grade Level: Disable changing Grade Level OE


Aeries Idea to review incomplete record: Aeries Idea OE Review Incomplete Record

Aeries Idea to submit Electronic Signature: OE Ability for Parents to submit Electronic Signatures 

Aeries Idea to ask for Notification Preferences: Aeries Idea OE ask Notification Preference

Online Enrollment Demo Database: Online Enrollment Demo Database


Aeries Documentation:

Aeries Online Enrollment Admin Settings

Aeries Online Enrollment Importing Students

Aeries Online Enrollment Parent Process

Home Language Survey In Aeries Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment Supplemental Questions


Online Enrollment Questions & Codes

Link to the Video:  

Ask Aeries! Online Enrollment

PDF of the Presentation attached below: