The Parent Guardian 2 Highest Education Level Code must be populated in the most recent SINF overlapping Census Day if the SENR for the student has the same Reporting LEA where Enrollment Status code = 10, 20, or 30 and Parent/Guardian 2 name is populated.

Reason for Error

It is important to populate the highest education level for each parent prior to Census Date (1st Wednesday in October). A full SINF extract should be generated initially at the start of each school year, reporting both parents/guardians as well as the highest education level for each parent. When a 2nd parent/guardian is reported without the Parent ed level, this error occurs. 

Suggested Resolution  

Verify the 2nd parent/guardian being extracted is tagged accurately in the Contacts (CON) table and has the highest education level populated in CON.ELV.  If a student's SINF record has not been reported yet to CALPADS, check to see if there is a CON.ELV record change in the CALPADS Log Details page that has a date after census day. Deleting this record will help to clear up the error if the issue is due to the effective date being after Census Day. The SINF will then use the enrollment start date instead of the LGD date. The date can also be modified to a date prior to Census Day. 

NOTE: Other fields will be considered when determining the Effective Date. If other records exist in LGD, identifying if the Effective Date is accurate for all records will need to be reviewed. More information in SINF FAQs documentation.