Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Import Test Results

Select the TSIA2 Test Results - SY:2022/23 file layout to import the TSIA2 assessment results

Import Test Results - TSIA2 file layout selection

When the TSIA2 file layout is selected, the system will add/update the appropriate codes for the test sections and parts in the Code (COD) table.  TSIA2 test parts have a 7.00 in the N1 field of the COD table. This query can be used to view the test parts and their descriptions:  LIST COD  TC FC CD DE N1 IF TC = CTS AND N1 = 7 

The Import Test Results page has been programmed to accept a comma delimited (.csv) file for the TSIA2 test results. The TSIA2 test results file should include the following fields, required fields are identified:

Field NameRequired for ImportSaved to CTS field
(ST# - part name, SC#-part score)

Last Name

First Name
Middle Initial

Birth Date
Student ID
Supplemental Student ID


Site Name

Branching Profile
RequiredCTS.ST1, CST.SC1
Test Start
TSIA2 English Language Arts and Reading College and Career Readiness
RequiredCTS.ST2, CTS.SC2

TSIA2 English Language Arts and Reading Diagnostic

RequiredCTS.ST3, CTS.SC3

Text Analysis and Synthesis

RequiredCTS.ST7, CTS.SC7
Content Revision and Editing for Conventions
RequiredCTS.ST8, CTS.SC8
TSIA2 WritePlacer
RequiredCTS.ST6, CTS.SC6
TSIA2 Mathematics College and Career Readiness
RequiredCTS.ST4, CTS.SC4
TSIA2 Mathematics Diagnostic
RequiredCTS.ST5, CTS.SC5
Quantitative Reasoning
RequiredCTS.ST9, CTS.SC9
Algebraic Reasoning
RequiredCTS.ST10, CTS.SC10
Geometric and Spatial Reasoning
RequiredCTS.ST11, CTS.SC11
Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning
RequiredCTS.ST12, CTS.SC12

Using the Select Files to Load button, navigate to the TSIA2 data file and select it. Click on the Upload file(s) and create temp data  link to load the students. If the data file is not in the correct format a message will display. If this occurs go back to the Select Files to Load button and select and load the correct file.

The Default Date for the TSIA2 test results is the oldest date in the file. The Testing Administration is the year of the oldest date in the file. NOTE: We do not recommend updating the Default Date or Testing Administration, especially when importing test records from prior administrations.

Import Test Results - Default Date, Testing Administration, Source, Type options

The TSIA2 test results include the student's Unique ID, Student ID, Name and Birthdate. Unique ID and/or Student ID are good matching criteria to begin with. 

Import Test Results - Match Options

The Edit button to the left of the test record can be used to manually match test records to students that may not have been matched during the match process or that may have been matched to an incorrect student. Please see the Import Test Results article for detail instructions on how to do this.

Click on the Print Unmatched Students button to print a report listing any student that were not able to be matched.

Import Test Results - Unmatched Students Report

Once as many students as possible have been matched click on the Update Test Tables button.

The TSIA2 Test Results import will add/update records to the College Entrance Test (CTS) table. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import. 

Import Test Results - Completion Email

The TSIA2 test results can be viewed in the TSIA2 tab of the College Entrance Tests page. Click on the More Info link to display the detailed test scores.

College Entrance Tests - TSIA2 tab

The Print button will bring up a selection of tests that can be printed for the student. Selecting the TSIA2 test will produce the following report:

Print College Entrance Tests Report

The same report can be run for all students in a school from View All Reports > College Entrance Tests. This report is only available at the School level, it cannot be run from the District.

Print College Entrance Tests Report for all students in school