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Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports

The Import Test Results process can import both the STAAR End-of-Course and STAAR Alternate 2 EOC student test results files. For best results, load test files at the district level when possible. The Import Test Results process will also add any new STAAR EOC and STAAR Alternate 2 EOC test parts into the Testing Control (CTL) table and the Content Standard Names (CSN) table when the file layout is selected. 

Select File Layout  

Select the proper STAAR EOC Test Results file layout to import the STAAR EOC student results file. The data file must be in the format defined in the STAAR End-of-Course or STAAR Alternate 2 End-of-Course Student Data File Layouts found on the Texas Education Agency Data File Formats website. Once the file is downloaded from the testing vendor, it should NOT be opened before importing into Aeries, as that sometimes breaks the format the import routine is expecting. When deciding which year file layout to use, select the file layout that was in effect when the data was downloaded. 

NOTE:  It is VERY important that the correct file layout be chosen to match the results file, as the STAAR End-of-Course and STAAR Alternate 2 EOC file layouts are almost identical. Choosing the wrong layout for the file being imported will result in the test records being misidentified, and not aligning properly.

Import Test Results - Select the file layout

Select Test Results File  

Once the file layout is selected, click on the Select File(s) to Load button, select the proper data file, and click on Open

Import Test Results - select data file

The system will attempt to validate the data file against the file layout that was selected in Step 1 by looking for key words in the file layout name. If the key words do not exist a warning message will come up to check that the correct file layout and data file were selected. In the below example the STAAR EOC file layout was selected, but the data file is the STAAR 3-8. The warning message comes up alerting the customer to double-check that the correct data file was selected. After clicking on the OK to remove the warning the customer can click on the Clear button to remove the data file and then select a new file. 

Import Test Results - Incorrect data file notification

Once the correct data file has been opened, click on the Upload file(s) and create temp data button to load the data file. A progress bar will display as the file is loaded.

Import Test Results - Upload file button

The Default Date and the Testing Administration for the STAAR EOC test results is derived from the Administration Date field contained in the data file (fields 1-4 of each record). The Aeries Testing Administration (TST.TA, CST.TA and TEX.TA) for the test results is either FALLXX,  SPRGXX, or SUMMXX where XX is the year portion of the Administration Date field contained in the data file. NOTE: We do not recommend updating the Default Date or Testing Administration, especially when import test records from prior administrations. 

If desired, the test results may also include an identification of the data source by choosing it from the Source drop-down menu, although the Source and Type fields are optional. Additional values can be added to both of these dropdowns through the Update Code Table process.

Import Test Results - Default Date, Testing Administration, Source, Type options

Matching Students  

Click on the Match Students button to match the students in the data file to the students in Aeries. The Unique ID is the primary identification in the STAAR EOC Student Results data files. It should be the first method used for matching students. If there are still large numbers of students unmatched, you can also select other options for matching.

Import Test Results - Match Options

If students are still unmatched, you can print a report of the unmatched students by clicking on the button labeled Print Unmatched Students:

Import Test Results - Unmatched Students Report

Finally, students can be matched manually by searching by name, Student ID or Unique ID, or by entering the Student ID number directly into the matching field. For best results, please match as many students as possible before loading the test results. Click View Unmatched Students if necessary to assist matching the students manually by using the Student Lookup feature.

Import Test Results - update Student ID manually

Update Test Tables  

The STAAR Test Results import will add/update records to the Test Scores (TST), Content Standard Scores (CST), Test Exclusions (TEX), and External Student IDs (ESI) tables. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import.

Import Test Results - Completion Email