Table of Contents

Key Expectations


  • Districts need the ability to define multiple relationships between Contacts and Students.

Contact Information

  • Districts need a way to specify the data required according to the type of Contact, instead of having all fields available for all Contacts
  • The Parent/Guardian information that appears on the Student Information page needs to always be the same as the Parent/Guardian Contact information

Contact Updating

  • Information for a Parent/Guardian Contact needs to be synced across all Students related to that Contact.

Contact Privacy

  • Schools need the ability to hide Contact information from the Parent/Teacher portals or other Users.

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

Aeries ClassicAeries Next Gen

Contact Records

  • Contacts are currently individual records related to each Student. If the Parent has 3 Students, each one has a Contact record for that Parent. All 3 records have to be managed.
  • If a Contact has different relationships to Students – Mother for one and Step-mother for another – there is no way to show those relationships other than separate Contact Records
  • There are separate fields for Home Phone, Work Phone and Cell Phone

  • There is one email field

Contact Records
  • There will be one Contact record per Parent/Guardian or Primary Contact.  This will contain the basic demographic information, contact information, and State reporting information
  • A Contact can have a different relationship to each associated Student using the same record

  • Contacts can specify which is their preferred method of contact and which method to use first. These can be different for each Student
  • The Contact can provide two email address
State Reporting
  • Schools use different methods for determining which Contacts get reported to the State – Relationship, Record Type, Contact Order – and these can vary between Students of the same Family
State Reporting
  • Schools can indicate per Student who are the Parent/Guardians, who are Primary Contacts, which Contacts are reported to the State and more

Data Entry
  • •All Contact records are the same no matter what their relationship is to the Student, so data entry can be a little confusing. For example, having an email and Portal Access field for an Emergency Contact
Data Entry
  • Different Contact Types will display fields according to the Type, so data entry can be more streamlined. Districts can specify which fields are required
Contact Types
  • Contacts can be sorted for priority, but it’s not always easy to tell at a glance what the relationship to the Student is.

Contact Types
  • Each Contact Type will display differently and have a default Sort of :
    • Parent/Guardians 
    • Restricted
    • Emergency
    • Other
  • This order can be overwritten by with drag-and-drop sorting.

Wireframe Concepts  

A Contact Record will only exist once and contain demographic and contact information specific to this Contact. This record can then have different relationships to different Students

The Relationships to students will be defined in a separate table.

Based on the options in the Realtionship table for Contact Type the Contact will display differently for each associated Student, but there is only one Contact Record.

Plan Summary  

  • Our goal is to provide Districts with a Contacts Management model that allows greater flexibility to adapt to the modern family. It will also grant more granular control of the relationship between a Contact and a specific Student.
  • When viewing a Students’ Contacts we want to make it visually meaningful, so the user can tell at a glance who is the Contact and how are they related to the Student, along with the ability to order the Contacts they way the customer prefers.
  • Districts will be able to customize the Data Entry forms to capture the information they need.
  • We want to make communication easier for Districts by letting them customize the priority of Contacts, allowing Contacts to designate how they want to be contacted and  providing a quick way to send messages according to the Contact’s preferences.