Table of Contents

Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider Staff Management to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • Single place to Add, Update Staff Information that will cascade to other areas
  • Ability to import Staff Information from a file or possibly a Human Resource system.
  • More robust Search & Filter options
  • More Customizable Grid/View of our current Staff Members
  • System needs to be more intuitive to reduce State Reporting errors

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

Transitioning from our current accordion style to a Modal option will allow user to seamless add Staff Member details from start to finish without the need to navigate to different pages.  Modal Views to include the following:

  • Staff Details
  • Job Assignments
  • Staff Credentials
  • Scheduling Defaults
  • User Management
  • Custom Tab 

More robust Grid to view current Staff Members-Universal Component

  • With a Standardized "Aeries Data Table"  that could be used throughout Aeries
  • Enhanced features for Search & Sort
  • Customizable which would allow the user to select which columns they would like to display
  • The ability to save the Grid View and Share it with others
  • Allow to Export Data to a CSV

Reducing Data Entry

  • Single Modal for “Job Assignments” instead of Staff Job Assignments & Job Assignments
  • When the user selects Assignment Type the proper fields will display for Data Entry
  • Changing Staff Information such as name will cascade to all other areas

The ability to exclude specific Staff Members from State Reporting

  • Reduces concerns of adding all Staff Members in Aeries

Wireframe Concepts  

Aeries Data Table-Loom Video

Plan Summary  

The Staff page in Aeries NextGen will allow easier management of Staff Members. The information on this page will be grouped into sections, that will make each section and each item on it immediately understandable, without clarification. 

The separation of Staff Details from Staff Credentials, Scheduling Defaults and Job Assignments will not just be easier on the eyes but will provide additional support for the user to ensure all state reporting items have been addressed without the need to navigate to different pages.