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Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider Reports to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • All Reports must honor KEEP/SKIP/Use of Student Groups 
  • Student Selector Options must be consistent among all reports
  • When report is run, first output the data set to the screen and allow customer to filter, edit, sort, etc. before worrying about rendering an actual report. 
  • After record set is configured properly, allow data to be extracted in many forms (.csv, .txt, .rtf, .xls, pdf, etc.)
  • Ability to output multiple records for a student pivoted out into on one line of data

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

Aeries ClassicAeries Next Gen

Current process not optimized

  • Large Reports take too long and sometimes lock up workstations

Data first processing: Reports run much faster, and allow more options

Canned reports offer limited options

  • Hard to extract data from reports
  • Can’t customize output

Canned reports customizable & sharable

  • Edit both inputs and outputs
  • Easily extract data from reports

Limited Custom Report Options

  • Not all data available to custom reports

More Report Options

  • Search can generate a Simple Report
  • Fully-featured Custom Report engine

Data visualizations limited

  1. Only available in Analytics

All data accessible for Analytics and Visualizations

Wireframe Concepts  

Report Search:

Report Options:

Data First Visualization:

Reports from District Lookup:

Report Manager:

Simple Reports from Search Grid:

Plan Summary  

Aeries Next Gen uses a powerful reporting engine to give customers unlimited capability to create and share custom reports and data visualizations. All data is easily accessible and portable, which allows it to be leveraged to better support student learning. At Aeries, our vision is to build a world where data empowers educators, never impedes.