Table of Contents

Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider Student Information to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • A place to easily store and edit student information within Aeries in a central location
  • Rename Student Demographics to Student Information
  • Flexible Student Information Page
    • Move fields around
    • Filter fields
    • Group like fields together (name/gender, address/city)
    • Show/hide any field
    • Honor field-level security
  • Ability to add pieces of data from other pages...for example view grade or attendance information on this same page
  • Better data design - no more copying of student records necessary.

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality

  • Renamed to Student Information
  • The proposed Student Information page will be similar to the Demographics page today, however it won't have as many fields by default. Only fields that describe characteristics about the student will be present (such as name, birthdate, race, etc.)
  • Other fields that were previously present on this page (like entry dates and program information) will be handled by other features.
  • Addresses will be managed in a different way. Instead of storing the address with each student, it will be linked to the student. This will allow for using the data more efficiently in the future, and allow for additional features to come such as address validation, and boundary management.
  • Apartment/Unit will be a separate field apart from the address
  • When entering a student's address, the user will be able to match to an existing addresses easily (autocomplete)
  • The entire page will be mobile responsive and work beautifully on smaller screens and mobile devices
  • Users should have no knowledge about fields they do not have permission to, not show "N/A" like our old system did (i.e. honor field-level security)
  • A field to track the student's preferred pronouns will be added

Wireframe Concepts

Here are some mockups of the Flexible Student Information Page. This illustrates some of the customization features.

Plan Summary

  • Student Demographics is getting an overhaul! For decades, we've had the Student Demographics page (Students page) as the home base for information about the student. The main problem with this page is that it stores a lot of varied information which belongs elsewhere in the system. The new plan for Student Demographics is to store and manage only true student demographic information (characteristics about the student) in one location. This would include pieces of data such as name, birthdate, race and ethnicity, gender, and more. Additional features will be built out to handle managing different types of data, and also allow for that all-in-one view of student information from various parts of the system.