Use Section Staff Only Next Year 





An elementary school has the ability to use a master schedule next year and can begin the scheduling process during the previous school year instead of waiting until the new school year is created.

In the Elementary school, navigate to Scheduling Process > Configurations > Scheduling Setup. 

To activate the Scheduling tables, select Scheduling Students into classes for next school year, using their grade level next year.

NOTE: If the school plans to use Section Staff Only, the Flex Feature Flag must be enabled prior to initializing Scheduling. Contact Aeries Support in order to enable this feature that is currently in BETA testing.

To continue with the initialization process and opt out of using Section Staff

  • Select Blank out the SSS table 
  • Select Blank out the SMS table. 
    • Selecting these options will create an empty Scheduling Master Schedule table also known as SMS which is used to build out your Master Schedule for next year and will create an empty Course Requests page which is also used for scheduling student courses.
  • Click Initialize Scheduling button to start the process. An email will be sent to the user upon completion of this initialization process. 

Use Section Staff Only Next Year  

If the school is intending to use Section Staff Association instead of Teacher Numbers(TN) with SMS Sections but opts out of using Flex Scheduling, the Flex Feature flag must be enabled before this option will display in the Scheduling Setup page. Once the feature flag for Flex Scheduling has been enabled, the user will have additional Flex options displayed for next year.

To initialize the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) for next year using Section Staff only in a non-flex school:

  • Select Scheduling Students into Classes for the next school year, using their grade level next year
  • Select Use Staff-Section Association instead of Teacher Numbers(TN) with SMS Sections
  • Select Blank out the SSS Table
  • Select Blank out the SMS Table
  • Select Initialize Scheduling


Scheduling Master (SMS) Read
View SMS page
Add new sections
Update sections
Delete section records 
Course Requests (SSS) Read
View Course Requests
Add Course Requests
Update Course Requests
Delete Course Requests
Course (CRS)

Permissions to this table should be assigned conservatively. 
View Course Information
Add Courses
Edit Course Information
Delete Courses 


The following documentation will give continued guidance on scheduling with a master schedule.



The Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) will be used to build the master schedule for next year. The Course Requests page (SSS) is used to enter the student's classes for the upcoming school year.

Scheduling Master (SMS)
Build the SMS table using the SMS Board. In SMS Board, use the SMS Builder to add courses to the SMS table.
Course Requests (SSS)
Use the Mass Add Course Requests form to mass add classes to the student's schedule.
Courses (CRS)
Ensure that all courses being offered to students are contained within the course table.

Scheduling Process Dashboard  

The Scheduling Process Dashboard has several tabs with pages and reports available when scheduling for next year using a Scheduling Master Schedule. These pages and reports are now available for all school types including Elementary schools.

Many scheduling pages and reports will display in the dashboard and will be available to use for all elementary and flex elementary schools. These reports are generated from data that is contained within the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) and Course Requests (SSS) tables.

Scheduling Reports  

Aeries has a wide array of reports to support the elementary primary class scheduling process. Many reports can be printed from the Scheduling Process Dashboard or the View All Reports area in Navigation.

For elementary schools that do not currently use a Master Schedule but are scheduling next year using a master schedule, the option to select SMS or MST will not display when accessing reports. These reports will only print from the SMS since a Master Schedule (MST) does not exist.

A few examples of available reports include:

Students with More or Less than N Periods

Scheduling Master Schedule Report sorted by Course and Period

Copy Scheduling Results to MST/SEC  

After the rollover when scheduling is complete, the Scheduling Master Schedule table (SMS) is rolled over to the Master Schedule table (MST) using Copy Scheduling Results to MST/SEC. This process is outlined in the scheduling documentation and is available in the Scheduling Process Dashboard. For more information regarding the copy results process, see Copy Scheduling Results documentation.