When school has started but either a single teacher or all teachers are reporting that they cannot take attendance, this checklist can be utilized to identify and resolve the possible causes: 


Verify Calendar [DAY table] dates align with the district/school calendar

How to identify this issue: Verify that the current day is marked as a school day. 

If Attendance has been initialized and you need to adjust the calendar, please reach out to Aeries Support.

Verify Attendance Months are Not Locked

How to identify this issue: This will trigger a red message indicating the teacher is not authorized to take attendance. Navigate to this month on the Calendar page, and verify that the current (or any) months are not locked. 

Unlock any attendance months that are not complete/past. Attendance should not be locked until the month is complete and all attendance for the month has been verified.

Verify the Block Schedule Calendar

  • For period attendance schools only

  • Does not apply to schools with a Flex Setup

How to identify this issue: Attendance is displaying for the wrong periods for the day

Adjust the Block Schedule Calendar to reflect the correct periods on the calendar date

Initializing Attendance

Initialize ATT/CAR process did not finish

How to identify this issue: If you did not receive a confirmation email that the process finished, or an email is received that indicates errors occurred.

Solution: Re-run the Initialize ATT/CAR process

Verify the Attendance Period defined in School Options matches the Homeroom section periods in the MST (Elementary Master Schedule/Daily Attendance schools)

How to identify this issue: Double check that all “homeroom” sections in the master schedule match the official Attendance period that is defined for the school on the School Options page:

Solution: If the Homeroom period does not match the Attendance period, the Attendance periods or the Master Schedule sections will need to be adjusted. Contact Aeries Support for assistance in correcting this issue. 

Teacher Portal Account Configuration

Verify the Teacher’s User account is set up with the correct Staff ID

How to identify this issue: If a teacher can log into the Aeries Teacher Portal, but cannot access Attendance or Gradebook, check the User account for the teacher and verify that the account has the correct Staff ID populated. 

Solution: Update the Teacher’s User account with the correct Staff ID. 

Verify Teacher [TCH] record has the correct Staff ID

How to identify this issue: If a teacher can log into the Aeries Teacher Portal, but cannot access Attendance or Gradebook, check the Teacher record account for the teacher and verify that the account has the correct Staff ID populated. 

Solution:  Update the Teacher record account with the correct Staff ID.


Verify Teacher Records are Set for Electronic Attendance

TCH.ET = G  (for Elem w/ Master)

How to identify this issue: Run this query to identify any teachers not tagged for Electronic Attendance:

Solution: Change any records that were returned in the query to have an Electronic Tag (TCH.ET) of G by running this query or updating the Teacher record directly:

Verify the Portal Group for Teachers has the Correct Permissions Assigned

How to identify this issue: Teachers do not have the Attendance Tab in their Teacher Portal navigation tree.

Solution: Give the Teacher Portal Group Read and Update permissions to ATT.

Verify the Teacher Portal is Pointed at the Current School Year

How to identify this issue: A teacher receives a YSOD after clicking the Attendance Tab

Solution: For locally-hosted customers: Point the Teacher Portal Group to the current School Year in your Aeries Appsettings.config file for Teachers.

For Aeries-Hosted customers, contact Aeries Support for assistance. 

Portal Options

Verify Portal Options for Attendance are set Correctly


Check Student (STU table) Fields on Attendance Section

How to identify this issue: Incorrect Field Values will cause an error message when teachers access the Attendance page indicating teachers are not “authorized” to submit attendance. 

Solution: Correct the Field Code to match the correct value. To verify Field values, use the Table Definitions view on the Demographics view: 

Flex Scheduling

Verify Sections have Class Calendars Assigned

How to identify this issue: If teachers get a blank page when they access Attendance, days may not have been assigned to the Class Calendar.

To check for sections without a class calendar, run the following query:

Solution: Assign a Class Calendar to all of the sections that return on the query. Verify that Teachers can now see an Attendance roster.

Verify that Days Selected on Class Calendar Match the School’s Schedule

How to identify this issue: Review the Class Calendars to make sure the correct dates are identified. 

Solution: Add/remove dates that are mismarked on any Class Calendars.

For Flex Daily Attendance Schools, verify that there is a Primary Class 

(This becomes available after the Feature Flag is turned on for Use Staff ID Based Counselor Tracking)

Also set the All Day Attendance Management to Attendance Time and include a Primary ADA and Secondary ADA Time (if necessary).