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There have been several enhancements made to separate out Local Credits from other State Credits for Texas districts. Currently any course that has a blank Service ID field (CRS.SVC) that either starts with an 8, or is blank, credits earned for those courses are listed as local credits, however they are not separated out from other credits attempted or received. A new option has been enabled to allow more flexibility in assigning Local Credits. 


In order to perform the setup necessary, users must have Update permission to the Update Requirements Table (REQ).


In order to use this new option, one or more Subject Areas must be designated as a Local Credit Subject Area in the Graduation Requirements page at the individual school level. The page can be found at Grade Reporting > Configurations > Graduation Requirements.  For more detailed information on the functions of the Graduation Requirements page, see Graduation Requirements.

  • Multiple Subject Area Codes can be designed as Local Credit Subject Area codes if desired. Refer to the document linked above is more subject area codes are needed.


NOTE:  When this option is enabled on the default transcript, if the school wishes to have it also apply to other Graduation Tracks, the option must be set on those other Graduation Tracks by selecting them from the dropdown list at the top of the page, and setting the option there also. 


  • Local Credit Subject Area - When this option is enabled, any credits for this subject area will ONLY be counted in the new Local Credits Attempted (STU.LCA) and Local Credits Completed(STU.LCC) fields on the Student table.
    • On the Transcripts, any local credits will be totaled in the two new fields (Local Credits Attempted/Local Credits Completed) located in the GPA/Credits Summary section near the bottom of the Transcript. The other credit fields will now be labeled as State Credits Attempted/State Credits Completed.

Course Management  

Proper management of Courses is key to making this process function as designed. Here are some key points to consider.

  • It is important that any Courses that are matched to a Service ID that starts with an 8 have their Subject Area Code changed to match one of the codes that is now designated as a Local Credit Subject Area. Customers can use this query to find courses meeting that criteria to review and make any changes necessary.
  • Any individual transcript record can be changed to count as Local Credits simply by populating the Subject Area Override field (HIS.SA) with the appropriate Subject Area code.
    • This is useful when a student repeats a course that is matched to a State Service ID, but cannot earn state credits again for that same course.