The Visitation page has many fields that can be used for Contact Tracing. Districts can record student contact during the school day which produces a log of student interactions.  If student exposure to a health hazard has been confirmed, the Visitation page becomes a resource for identifying students who were in contact together and for notifying parents.  In addition, districts can also document the methods of parent notification on the Visitation page.

Adding the Code Sets

Determine if the Visitation table has been previously used by running the following query:  LIST VIS  If data exists in the Vistation fields, move the data to another table:  Medical Notes (MNO), Counseling (CNS), Supplemental (SUP) or create a Custom Table.  Modiy the Navigation menu by renaming the Visitiation page to Contact Tracing.

In Update Code Table add the field codes needed for Contact Tracing.  Possible options include:

Code (VIS.CD)

  • Bus Routes
  • Events
  • Field Trips

Status (VIS.ST)

  • Attended Event
  • Bus Ride
  • Parent Square Notification
  • Parent Conference
  • Parent Phone Call
  • Parent Email

Location (VIS.CL)

  • Event Location
  • Bus Route/Bus #

Staff (VIS.CU)

  • Bus Driver
  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • Tech Department

Tag (VIS.TG)

  • Resolved
  • Notified
  • Exempted

Mass Add Data to Visitation Page

Participation or Notification data can be added to the Visitation page using several methods:

  • Bar Code Scanners can be used to collect data and the Import Data into Aeries process can be used to populate the Visitation page.
    • Student IDs can be distributed with Bar Codes.
    • Bar Codes can be printed and scanned from a sheet.
    • An import template can be created for daily imports.
  • The Mass Add Student Related Data process can be used to mass add data to the Visitation page.
    • Student Groups can be created to identify school activities (sports teams, school clubs, bus routes, etc.). Students with a designated User Code (STU.U1 - U13) can be automatically assigned to a Student Group using the dynaminc Student Groups feature and linked to Aeries Communications.  Student Groups can be selected for the Mass Add Student Related Data process using the KEEP feature in Student Groups.  
    • Students with a designated User Code (STU.U1 - U13) can be selected for the Mass Add Student Related Data process using KEEP feature in Aeries Analytics.
  • Event participation records can be added manually for students on the Visitation page. 

Parent Notification

In the event of student exposure to a health hazard, students who attended an event or were in the same location can be identified from event records on the Visitation page.  Parent notification and documentation of response can be mass added on the Visitation page.  Student Groups can be used to contact parents through Aeries Communications.  If other means of contact is necessitated, students can be identified using the Student Visitation Report or with a query:


To update the Visitation page with the notification information, use any of the KEEP processes associated to Student Groups and the Mass Add Student Related Data process.  If using the Student Visitation Report to identify students, extract the report to Excel and copy the Student IDs (STU.ID) into the Search page to KEEP the students for the Mass Add Student Related Data process.

Student Visitation Report

The Visitation Report is available to print results by date range.