The following steps will ensure that you to close out the school year with complete and accurate attendance records and are prepared for an audit if necessary.

  1. Reconcile the final attendance reporting period.
  2. Ensure all supporting documentation is gathered and retained, per the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH) section 2.3.5.

  3. Cross check attendance data for all Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) students to avoid triggering a data validation rule.

    Ensure that students who have an OSS attendance code have a supporting discipline event, and vice versa.
    • Run the Student Assertive Discipline Record Report with the OSS Disposition Codes selected. This report provides details for each student who has an OSS disposition, including dates.

      IMPORTANT: Prior to running the report, run a KEEP query to limit students to a particular grade level, counselor, etc., because the report max is 1000 students at a time. Note that when you have KEPT students, click Select All Students for the report; however the report will be limited to only KEPT students.

    • Run the Student Absence Totals Report with the appropriate code selected.

    • Compare the data in the two reports and ensure that no discrepancies exist.

  4. Summer PEIMS: Review and reconcile every fatal, special warning, and warning in the 42400 series. Do not ignore warnings and special warnings.

  5. Run the Aeries audit reports and confirm that all data is accurate. Be sure to recompute attendance when running each report.

  6. Compare the TSDS Superintendent's Report (PDM3-130-008) to the Aeries Student Attendance District Summery Report. Ensure that the six-week Summary Totals on PDM3-130-008 match the Aeries District Summary.


    Aeries Student Attendance District Summary Report:

TSDS Superintendent's Report (PDM3-130-008) 
Total Column
Aeries Student Attendance District Summary Report Field
District Summary - Totals Row
A. Days Taught (LEA Maximum)

B. Days Membership
Days Membership
C. Total Days Absent
Days Absent
D. Total Days Present
Days Present
E. Total Ineligible Days
Ineligible Days Present
F. Total Eligible Days
Eligible Days Present
G. Elig Days Bilingual/ESL
Eligible Days Bilingual/ESL

H. Elig Days Preg Rel Serv

Eligible Days - Pregnancy Related
I. Elig Days SpecEd Main
Eligible Days Special Ed Mainstream
Q. Percent in Attendance
District - Program ADA/FTE
J. Biling/ESL Refined ADA
Bilingual/ESL Refined ADA
K. SpecEd Main Refined ADA
Special Ed Mainstream Refined ADA
L. Preg Related Serv FTE
Pregnancy-Related Services Refined ADA
M. Career & Technical Ed FTE
Career Technical Education FTE
N. Special Education FTE
Special Education FTE
O. Regular Program Ref ADA
Regular Program Refined ADA
P. Total Refined ADA
Refined ADA