Split Sections by Cohort can duplicate sections and move students based on defined student cohorts. These cohorts can be defined by any STU, SUP, or SSD field, and new sections created based on selected values in those fields. For schools using Class Calendars, the new sections can have a defined Class Calendar based on each selected value. Each section can have the Class ID populated with the original Section Number for use in our APIs.  There is also the ability to define Section(s) to Exclude from the process.

After sections are split, new sections will be added to Classes (SEC), Course Attendance (CAR) and Gradebook Sections (GBE). For gradebook, the new section will be automatically selected on the Manage Gradebook page in addition to the old section. Data will not change for assignments or scores. 

Note: This process runs on MST, not SMS.  Please run this process in a sandbox first. After verifying data, this should be run late in the afternoon before the change goes live.


A user(s) must have Administer permission to MST in order to view the page in the navigation menu.

The page can be found in Scheduling Process > Functions > Split Sections By Cohort


Select a table

Available tables to choose from are STU, SUP, or SSD.

Select a Field

The second dropdown will display the list of available fields based on the table selected in the first drop-down window.   

Values to Split By

In this example, students were tagged with cohort codes A or B in the User12 field on the student page (STU.U12). 

Click on the desired code to highlight blue.

For Flex Scheduling schools, the Class Calendar column contains a dropdown which can be used to auto-populate the new sections with an available Class Calendar.

Cohort Section Options

Place Original Section# in Class ID - If checked, the new sections will have the matching section number populated based on the preceding "old" section. This is used for the Aeries API and OneRoster vendors to combine sections using the Class ID rather than the original section number.

Start Date for New Classes - Enter the start date when the classes will begin. This date will be used to as the start date used for the new sections added to Course Attendance (CAR) and the old sections will update with an end date of one school day prior to the start date.

Section(s) to Exclude

Various filter methods are available for selection in order for this process to skip sections that meet the criteria. Sections that fall within the selected sections to exclude, will not have a new section created.

Sections can be filtered to be excluded based on:

  • Teacher, Section, Period, Course, Subject Area, Department, Room

Once all of the options are selected click on the Create New Sections button.

Click OK to run the process or Cancel to stop.

The following message will display while the process runs and an email will be sent upon completion.

Student Schedule Data

Classes (SEC): Students who have their sections split will have the "old" SEC records deleted and a new copy will be added with new section numbers.

Before split

After split

Course Attendance (CAR): Existing records will be updated with the appropriate Stop Dates for the "old" sections which were deleted from the Classes page. The "new" sections added by this process will contain the Start Date entered on the Options page. In this example 1/4/2021 was used for the start of the neew 

Before split

After split