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This document will review the Weekly Engagement Report designed to allow Districts to print and have teachers sign on a weekly basis to comply with the reporting requirements of the SB-98 legislation for the 2020-21 Pandemic School Year. Please note, it is not necessary to print this report weekly for each teacher if the district has completed all the steps required to submit via electronic Attendance Accounting procedures. See the CDE FAQ on this issue.

We have structured the Weekly Engagement Report to mimic the specific sections on the optional template that the CDE provided. If a District has not completed all the steps required for Electronic Attendance Accounting, this report can be printed weekly for each teacher to sign and turn into the office to be maintained for audit purposes.  

Set Up Procedures  

Options need to be enabled on the School Settings page to allow certain data elements to be collected and displayed on the Weekly Engagement Report

  • Use Class Calendar/Gradebook Information for the Weekly Engagement Report.  This option will take information stored in Class Calendars and/or Gradebook to include on the Weekly Engagement Report. 

  • Attendance Note Codes on Weekly Engagement Report.  Enter a comma-delimited list of the Attendance Note codes that teachers will be allowed to assign to students on the quick Attendance Notes section of the Teacher Attendance page. The Quick Attendance Notes can be used to track students' engagement and participation as required by SB-98 COVID Procedures. 

Weekly Assignments  

The Weekly Assignments section of the report will reflect data from the following tables: 

  • Course/Section information will come from either the Teacher table for elementary schools or the Master Schedule table for schools with MST.
  • Instructional Days will come from the Calendar (DAY) table
  • Summary of Assignments will come from the Gradebook data if it exists for that section. The assignments will display between the Assignment Start Date through the Due Date.
    • For schools using the electronic filing option, if this data is stored elsewhere, it just needs to be made accessible to the auditor when the time comes.
    • For schools who are printing these reports and having the teachers' sign them, the teachers should fill out this section from their lesson plans.
  • Instructional/Assignment Delivery Method comes from the Class Calendar for that section/teacher.

Daily Participation  

The Daily Participation section of the report will reflect data from the following tables: 

  • Course/Section information will come from either the teacher table for elementary schools or the Master schedule table for schools with MST.
  • Daily participation for each student will come from the Attendance table. Both Absence Codes and Attendance Notes will display in this section
    • A legend appears at the end of this section to provide a description for all available Attendance Note Codes.

NOTE:  The teacher should make sure any attendance notes they used for students for any given day is consistent with the instruction mode(s) listed on the class calendar. They can use the Weekly Engagement Report to see if any adjustments need to be made to any Attendance Notes.

Instructional vs. Non-Instructional Days

  • When there are days in the week that the class does not meet (not scheduled to meet, holiday, etc.) then a checkbox will indicate that it is a non-instructional day, there will be no assignments listed, and there will be no Instructional Modes checked for that day. 

  • If that section has no gradebook attached to it, the shading will only be present on instructional days, as an indicator that data for that day should be captured elsewhere; either in electronic lesson plans or other local method of tracking. 

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Weekly Engagement Report.  It can be found under the Attendance section. 

In the Admin Portal, users can choose several different options when printing for teachers. 

  • Include Inactive Students: Prints students who are currently inactive, but were enrolled during the week.
  • Print Student Language Fluency: Prints the students' LF code on the report. 
  • Print Certification Teacher Name: Fills in the Teacher Name section at the bottom before the signature line 
  • Select Sections to Print: Allows filtering and sorting by a variety of options.

Select the options applicable to the starting date of the week.  Once report options have been selected, click the Run Report button. For schools utilizing a Master schedule, there are even more options available using the Advanced Section Filter button. See Advanced Section Selection Feature for Pages and Reports.

Here is a sample of this report - Note that it is at least 2 pages for each teacher/section.

This report is available for teachers in the Teacher Portal. This report is available under the Attendance menu under the Reports tab in the Navigation Tree. It will default to the current week, but the date selector can be used to select any prior week to be printed by the teacher.