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The Weekly Instructional Minutes process is designed to work in conjunction with Class Calendars to document what learning modes were offered to students each day, and allow teachers to complete a weekly certification of Instructional minutes, as required by SB-98.  On the Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification page, teachers are certifying the time value of the instruction they gave to their students on each day of an instructional week. The method of instruction, whether it was In Person, or via Remote Learning-Synchronous or Remote Learning-Asynchronous is presented for informational purposes. 

The Weekly Instructional Minutes page can be found in the Teacher Portal on the Navigation menu or by filtering for the word Weekly or Instruction. 


The information submitted on the Weekly Instructional Minutes page is stored in the IMC table. In order for teachers to access this page in the Teacher Portal the appropriate permissions need to be added to the Teacher's Portal Group(s) in Security. To access the Portal Groups page, filter by portal or navigate to Security > Portal Groups.  The Teacher Group will need full access to the Instructional Minutes Certification (IMC) table.

Once the permission are set, there is a button to Push Permissions to Other Schools if desired.  Remember, the entire permission set will be pushed, so pushing by school type (Elementary or Secondary) may be preferable. 

Also, office staff with User accounts who need the ability to view and/or edit the Teacher Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification page will need proper permissions to the IMC table, as shown above.

Weekly Instructional Minutes-Secondary  

When the teacher selects this page they will see the Class Calendar information associated with each of their sections.
The Weekly dates display in descending order on this page. Use the scroll menu to access past weeks. Future weeks are NOT available, as teachers cannot certify something that hasn't happened yet. 

In the Instructional Minutes Per Class column, the teachers can select either Full or Other. The teacher can mark the Full option to indicate that the full or entire instructional minutes were met for that section for that week.

The teacher also has an Other option. Selecting this option requires the teacher to enter a note about the instructional minutes for that week. This note will be reviewed in the event this teacher is selected during the Audit process.

After the teacher selects Full or Other for a week, they click on Save and Certify. This will save the entered information, including the username and date and time. 

A certified message will then display for that week once all sections are certified below. 

If changes need to be made if a week has already been marked Certified, clicking on the Edit button will de-certify the week. Once changes are made, the teacher will need to click the Save and Certify button.  The log will be updated with the new Date and time.

Please note, if the Class Calendar states correctly that the section did not meet during any specific week, the teacher still needs to certify that they met the requirements for that section as reflected , and should select Full for that week. 

Weekly Instructional Minutes-Elementary  

For Elementary schools (without MST) the process is very similar, however they will only have one class to certify each week.

Weekly Instructional Minutes-Admin  

The Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification Page is also available to office staff with proper permissions. It is located under the Attendance Accounting node in the Navigation Tree:

Just select a Staff Member from the dropdown list and click on the Apply button.

Because the dropdown list pulls from the Staff page, only teachers with a Primary School field (STF.PSC) or Teacher/Section Staff record from that school will appear on the list. If no data is found for a teacher, a message will appear. 

From this page, admin staff with full rights to the IMC table can view, Certify and Save, or UnCertify one of the weeks displayed. Only current and past weeks are displayed, in descending order. 

From the admin console, Teacher Weekly Instructional Minutes Certifications can be Uncertified by clicking on the Edit button, and choose the UnCertify.

A warning message will appear asking for confirmation that the user wishes to UnCertify the IMC for that week.  

Instructional Minutes Certification Management  

The Instructional Minutes Certification Management page allows office staff to visualize weekly instruction certification details, including teachers who have not yet certified. This page is only available at the school level, and is located under the Attendance Accounting Node in the navigation tree 

There are different options available, depending on the school type. Once the Date, and/or Section selections are made, just click the Refresh button. If any of the selections are changed, be sure to click on the Refresh button to update the display


  • Date selectors default to current week
  • Shows teachers who are Uncertified for the week(s) chosen
  • Option available to also display Certified records
  • Can be sorted by Teacher Number or Teacher Name by clicking on the header button


  • Date selectors default to current week
  • Secondary schools allow specific selections to be isolated
  • Shows teachers/sections who are Uncertified for the week(s) chosen
  • Option available to also display Certified records
  • Can be sorted any of the following by clicking on the header button
    • Teacher Number
    • Teacher Name
    • Period
    • Course
    • Section Number

All fields listed to the left of the Certified column can be sorted by clicking on the header. The sort options toggle between Ascending, Descending and Off. Sort can be applied to multiple columns if desired. 

The Instructional Minutes Certification Management page can  be printed by clicking on the Quick Print button next to the refresh button.


The following reports are available under the Attendance menu under the Reports tab in the Navigation Tree.

Instructional Minutes Certification Log 

This report is located under the Attendance Note of the Reports Navigation tree. The Instructional Minutes Certification Log Report allows multiple ways to sort for filter the report to isolate fewer records before printing. 

Here are the options available for Elementary only schools. 

Here is a sample report run for one week with all staff members selected. Notice that it only displays teachers who have NOT certified yet, and is sorted by Teacher Name.  

Here are the options available when the report is run at a school with a Master Schedule.  There are many more ways to select only certain sections to include for this report. For schools utilizing a Master schedule, there are even more options available using the Advanced Section Filter button. See Advanced Section Selection Feature for Pages and Reports. 

Below is a sample report for one section from the beginning of school, with the option to Show Only Records Missing Certification UNCHECKED: 

Sample printed report - Notice that both Certified and Not Certified sections are listed. 

NOTE:  This report will only include teachers who have a class calendar attached either to their Teacher table record (Elementary) or their Section for schools with a Master Schedule.