Teachers that need to take attendance across multiple schools can print Class Attendance Rosters for their classes. Teachers have the ability to print Class Attendance Rosters for either the Master Schedule or the Scheduling Master Schedule

In order for teachers to be able to print Multi-School Class Attendance Rosters school sites need to be configured to use the Teacher Multi-School Attendance feature. Please refer to the Teacher Multi-School Attendance documentation for additional information regarding configuring Teacher Multi-School Attendance.  

To print Class Attendance Rosters the sections which are scheduled at different school sites will need to have the primary schools School Number added to the MST.SCL field in the Master Schedule. If teachers will also be printing Class Rosters from the Scheduling Master Schedule then the primary schools School Number will need to be added to the SMS.SCL field in the Scheduling Master Schedule

In the example below, the Attendance Class Roster for the Section 126 - US History which is scheduled in the Aeries Continuation school's Master Schedule will need to be printed by a teacher whose primary school is 994 - Screaming Eagle High School. In order for the Attendance Class Roster to print, school number 994 - Screaming Eagle High School must be added to the MST.SCL field in Aeries Continuation School's Master Schedule. The teacher will then be able to print the Attendance Class Roster for the US History Class. 

Printing Multi-School Attendance Class Rosters

To print Multi-School Attendance Class Rosters log into the Teacher Portal and select Reports to view the Reports Navigation Menu.

The Class Rosters report can be found under Attendance -> Class Rosters in the Navigation Menu.

The Class Rosters Report Options page will open displaying several options that are available when printing Class Rosters. The Include Sections From Other Schools option will include Class Rosters for sections from other school sites as well as Class Rosters from the primary school site that are assigned to the teacher.  To print Class Rosters which include rosters for other school sites place a check mark in the Include Sections From Other Schools option. 

Click the Run Report button to generate the rosters.

In the example below the Class Roster for the U.S. History class from Aeries Continuation School has now printed for Teacher Acosta whose primary School is Screaming Eagle High School. While not displayed below, Class Rosters for all of Teacher Acosta's classes from her primary site of Screaming Eagle High School have also printed.