Teacher Multi-School Attendance gives teachers who have Master Schedule section classes in other schools who also use Section Staff, the ability to take attendance for all of their classes from their primary school’s Teacher portal account. The “Use Staff in Sections” option is visible to schools when the Flex Scheduling feature has been enabled by a System Administrator.  Teacher Multi-School Attendance also requires that the “Use Staff in Sections” option from the School Options page be enabled in each school. 

Teacher Multi-School Attendance is available for schools using Flex Scheduling or Secondary with Section Staff. Teachers that will be using Multi-School Attendance need to be the primary teacher assigned to the sections the teacher will be accessing at the different school sites. This requires that the teacher have a section staff record set as Primary Teacher in the Master Schedule page of each school.  A school is not required to be on Flex Scheduling in order to use the Teacher Multi-School Attendance feature.

Note: Flex Scheduling is a feature of Aeries intended for use by early adopters and can only be turned on by a System Administrator. Please contact Aeries Support for information on enabling this feature for your district. This feature currently does not support Elementary or Elementary w/MST scheduling types.

When the “Use Staff in sections” option is enabled, sections in the Master Schedule must have a staff member assigned to them as a primary teacher.  In order to access classes from multiple schools, the primary staff member for each section must be the teacher that will be accessing classes for multiple sites. Please refer to the Flex Scheduling - Master Schedule documentation for additional information regarding using Staff ID’s in Master Schedule sections. 

Teachers that need to take attendance across multiple schools will also be able to print Class Attendance Rosters for their classes. In order for teachers to be able to print Class Attendance Rosters the sections which are scheduled at the different school sites will need to have the primary schools School Number added to the MST.SCL and SMS.SCL field in the Master Schedule or Scheduling Master Schedule. Please refer to the Multi-School Attendance Roster documentation for additional information regarding printing Class Attendance Rosters for Teacher Multi-School Attendance.

Additionally, the “Allow Teachers to take Multi-School Attendance” option in the Portal Options page needs to be enabled in the teacher’s primary school.

The "Use Staff in Sections" option is located on the School Options page in Aeries Web. To enable the “Use Staff in Sections” option, select the Edit button from the School Options page. 

Enable the "Use Staff in Sections" option by placing a check mark in the option. Click the Save button to save all changes.


The "Allow Teachers to take Multi-School Attendance" option is located on Attendance tab on the Portal Options page in Aeries Web. To enable the “Allow Teachers to take Multi-School Attendance” option, place a check mark in the option. 

Click the Save button located at the bottom of the page to save all changes.

The teacher will now be able to see multiple tabs in the teacher portal on their attendance page which will allow the teacher to take attendance for classes scheduled under each school's Master Schedule. There will be one tab per school with a drop down for each section.

In the following example, Teacher Acosta’s primary school is Screaming Eagle High School. Teacher Acosta has students in several classes on her campus. The students are primarily enrolled in the other schools but attend one class at Screaming Eagle High School. The class sections are scheduled in the Master Schedule of other schools. Teacher Acosta needs to take attendance for those students. 

Teacher Acosta is the primary teacher assigned to the Master Schedule classes located at the other schools. Screaming Eagle High School has enabled the “Allow Teachers to take Multi-School Attendance” option in Portal Options. All schools that will be using the Teacher Multi-School Attendance feature have the “Use Staff in Section” option enabled on the School Options page.

To take attendance, Teacher Acosta will need to log into the Teacher Portal, then select Attendance from the Navigation Menu.

After selecting Attendance from the Navigation Menu, Teacher Acosta's Attendance page is visible and displays multiple attendance tabs across the page. Each tab allows Teacher Acosta to take attendance for classes from other schools. 

Each Attendance tab has all available class periods. To select a different class period, click on the down arrow in the Period selector. All available class periods will display.

To take attendance for a class scheduled under a different school's Master Schedule, Teacher Acosta can select a different tab. In this example Teacher Acosta has selected the tab for Aeries Continuation School. Teacher Acosta can now take attendance for students in the U.S. History class at Aeries Continuation School.