All Texas LEAs must have Texas Unique Student IDs assigned to all students in order to submit data for all state-mandated collections (E1523) and Enrollment Tracking. The Unique IDs are used to load student data to the TSDS Education Data Warehouse. Students will have a single unique identifier for their entire career within the Texas educational system and will retain the identifier even if they leave the Texas education system and return years later.

The Aeries Unique ID search function is integrated with the TSDS Unique ID system and allows searching for a student's existing Unique ID or obtaining an ID for a student. 

Unique IDs can also be mass assigned to a group of students by creating a batch file that can be sent to the state for Unique Student ID assignment.

Enrollment Tracking

Texas LEAs are required to send student Enrollment Tracking data to the state on a weekly basis, which includes all enrollment events that have occurred during the specified time period, such as entries and withdrawal dates and types. At the beginning of each school year, a cumulative enrollment event file is submitted which contains all students enrolled at the beginning of the school year. Subsequent submissions should only contain events with dates that have occurred since the last enrollment event file was successfully loaded and processed.

A valid Unique ID is required for each enrollment event record.

The Enrollment Tracking batch files can be created in Aeries and submitted to the TEA Enrollment Tracking Module of the TSDS application using a TEAL account. See Texas Unique ID Functions - Enrollment Tracking for more information.

Permissions and Setup

The following steps must be completed before a user can assign a Unique ID to a student.

Security Permissions

Under Other Student Data, update the Encrypted Student/Staff Data table permissions for the user to have Administrator access.


Also, the user must have Read, Insert, Update, and Delete permission for the STU table.

TEA Configuration

Under School Info | Configurations select 3rd Party System Connections.

The TEA Service Account must be configured under System Connections

Also, your TEA service account must be properly set up. To obtain this user ID and password, log on to TEA Login (TEAL) and access the Manage Service Accounts section. See TEA Service Account for more information.

School Settings

Under Configurations select School Settings.

Under Encrypted Data Collection - Data source is OPT table, if Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student/Staff Data (ESD) is selected, the encrypted student data is available on Student Data | Demographics from the Student Data 2 tab.

See Encrypted Student Data for more information. 


Under Student Data select Demographics.

The following fields must be entered for the student before a Unique ID can be assigned:

View or Assign Unique ID

Under Student Data select Demographics and click the Student Data 2 tab.

If configurations and permissions are properly set, the Unique ID Lookup feature is available on Student Data 2.

If a Unique ID exists for the student, it is displayed. 

If a Unique ID does not yet exist for the student, click the Lookup icon. A window opens allowing you to obtain the ID directly from the state. 

If the TEA Service account has not been properly set up, the following warning is displayed.