Report Card Messages can be added to the secondary report card from several different areas of Aeries. Below is an example of the messages that can print on the report card.

School Messages  

School Messages can be added in 2 locations in Aeries. Examples of a school message would be Open House or School holiday information.   

1. On the Grade Reporting Options page a School Message field is available and can hold 80 characters. The data is stored in the LOC.MS field.

2. On the Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions page, two School Messages can be entered. These fields will hold 60 characters each and the data is stored in the GRP.M1 and GRP.M2 fields.

Student Message Codes  

Student Report Card Message Codes can be created on the Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions page in the Message Codes tab. Examples are Owes fees or Congratulations you made the Honor Roll. These codes are stored in the Code (COD) table. When the message code is assigned to a student, it is stored in the Message Code (STU.MC) field and can hold 124 characters.

Message codes can be translated in up to 6 different languages. The Show Correspondence Language button will enable the fields available for populating. 

To assign the message codes to students, a Message field is available on the Demographics page. A drop-down of the Message codes will display. The message code description assigned to a student will display on the report card.

NOTE: A Query Change statement can also be used to mass add the Message Codes (STU.MC) to a group of students.