The School Information page holds miscellaneous pieces of data related to the school, some of which are used for various state reporting needs.

Code – School Code

School Name

ID Type – Which ID # does this school use for reporting/Identification purposes (usually CDS)

  1. CDS
  2. SELPA
  3. CA Private School
  4. Migrant Region
  5. ROC/P
  7. ACT
  8. ETS College Board
  9. CA COE/CCSESA Service Region

County – County Code - the 'C' in 'CDS'

District – District Code - the 'D' in 'CDS'

School – School Code - the 'S' in 'CDS'

Class Rank DT – Date of Class Ranking

Compact DT - No longer used

Backup DT - No longer used

WASC? – School is currently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Comp for Instr – Number of computers in the school available for Instruction

Comp for Instr w/ CD ROM – Number of computers in the school available for Instruction that have a CD ROM

Classrms w/Inet – Number of classrooms with Internet access

Classrms WAN – Number of Classrooms that are part of a Wide Area Network

1 Yr Crs Units – Default number of credits earned in one year for a single course. This field will be used to translate the Credits Earned into the Carnegie Units Earned for State Reporting.

Course Credit Type – Type of credit issued.  **This field is no longer used, it was previously used for CSIS reporting.

Calendar Type – School Calendar type: Multitrack, Single Track, Traditional.  This information is used for the Create CBEDS ORA Files.

Health Center Type – School-based Health Center, School-linked Health Center

TOPSpro Site ID - TOPSpro Site ID

CalSERVE Admin – Type of institution that has primary responsibility for administering the California Students for Equal Rights & a Valid Education program Administrator

Legal Status – Legal status type:

  • Cooperative
  • County Office of Education
  • District
  • Public School
  • Private School

Cong Dist# - Congressional District #

Eng Prof Test – The type of Oral English Proficiency Assessment used by the school for initial identification of EL and FEP students

Basic Aid Status – Basic Aid Choice Districts, Basic Aid Court-Ordered Voluntary Pupil Transfer Program districts

Not Enr in School – Number of children ages five through seventeen, known to be residing in the school attendance area but not enrolled in public school, e.g. private school enrollees, dropouts, etc.

Service Learning Policy – Service Learning/Community Service policy

  • No Policy
  • Service Learning High School
  • Service Learning at elementary and middle schools
  • Service Learning at elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Community Service at any level

CSR Enr Calc Type – Class Size Reduction Enrollment Calculation Type: Daily, Monthly

School Session Type – Type of Academic Session: Full year, Semester, Trimester, Quarter, Summer, etc.

CalWORKS Part - California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids. Number of Students reported by a District on the CalWORKS October listing as receiving CalWORKS funds.

CalWORKS Fam – Number of children in school attendance area whose families are participating in CalWORKS

Filer Address(1098-T) – Address to use on 1098-T forms

Federal Employer Identification Number – FEIN for Tax purposes

Service Provider/Acct No.(1098-T) – Provider number for 1098-T forms

Last Day of Regular School Attendance – For emergency school closures that extend through the end of the school year, enter the last day of regular attendance if different than the District's last day of attendance entered on the District Settings page. See Unplanned Early School Closure Settings for more information.

Prior Year ADA  - the percentage of ADA attendance from the prior school year as determined from the attendance data submitted for state reporting.