The ability to upload an image and associate it with a field code is a feature built for future use.


  • Users need READ permission to the Code Table Image (CDI) table to see the image.
  • Users need UPDATE permission to change, add, and remove the image.

Upload an Image

Navigate to the Update Code Table page found under School Info > Configurations > Update Code Table

Select a Table/Field combination

Add a code or use an existing code to upload an image

Click on the image icon found in the row of the code you wish to add an image to

A user must have Read permissions to the CDI table in order to be able view the Code Table Image window

Save - Click here to save the image when adding, changing, or removing the image

Change Image - Click here to upload an image for the first time or when updating the image

Remove Image - Click here to remove the image

Close - Closes the window and does not save any changes

Clicking on Change Image will display a popup window. Browse to the folder where the desired image is stored. 

Select the image file and click on the Open button in the popup window.

The image will now display

Click on the Save button to store the image