This error typically occurs when the record contains an invalid combination of Course Group State and Departmentalized Course Standards Grade Level Range data.


Refer to the CALPADS Valid Code Combination document and the CrsGrpSt-StndsGrdLvelRAnge tab.  Verify the Course Group State Code to the Departmentalized Course Standard values of ELM, MID, SEC and NOT.

When populating this field, the value should be based on the standards grade level of the course content and not the grade levels of the students enrolled in the course.

EX:  If a combo class of 4 and 5th graders is taught based on an Elementary curriculum, then the "ELM" code should be used

Below is the Courses page, California Specific Fields tab.  The State Course Code (CRS.C3) and the Standard Grade Range (CRS.SGR) fields must follow the valid code combinations.