The Activities and Awards page is used to add Activities or Awards to a Student.  Both Type 1 records (Activities) and Type 2 and 3 records (Awards and Certifications) can be added. 


View, Add, Update and Delete permissions for Activities and Awards can be set in the Security Section for ACT.

To View Activities and Awards on the Career Pathways page, Read is needed to CPW.

To Add, Update, and Delete from the Career Pathways page, those permissions are given in the ACT table.

Note: If a user sees the message "No Pathway Found for Student" on the  Career Pathways page, Staff with Insert and Update permissions to CPW will need to add a Pathway.

Codes and Reasons are set up on the Update Code Table page:

Code - ACT.CD

Reason - ACT.RS

Any Activities tagged with a Type 1-Activity also show up on the Extracurricular Activities page.

Type 3 - Certifications, Licenses and Program Completions will be linked to the Student Career Pathway by choosing the appropriate Pathway from the Drop down.

These will then show up in the Career Pathway under the section Activities and Awards

Activities and Awards can also be added here, and they will show up on the Activities and Awards page.

Deleting a record from the Career Pathways page will also delete it from the Activities and Awards page, and vice versa.