The Options tab provides various options that MUST be verified before creating extracts. 

Independent Charter School checkbox:  reporting requirements are slightly different for Independent Charter Schools.  Set this option for a Charter School submitting data independent of your chartering district.

Pull County-District Code from School LOC records checkbox:  this option will extract the County-District Code for the district from the school records in LOC that are being extracted. This option should be used by "Combo-Districts" (districts where there are multiple districts managed in the same Aeries database).

STU.TG Values to Skip:  the process will skip any STU.TG value checked, for any STU records in your system that you don't want to extract.  These students must then be flagged with a selected STU.TG value, in order to be skipped by the extract.

After selecting any options on this tab, click the Save button. The Save on the Options tab will also save any change to a date in the Snapshot Date field.