The Options tab provides various options that MUST be verified before creating extracts. 

“Race Intentionally Left Blank” Code:  this dropdown should contain the primary race (STU.RC1) code value created for the choice of "Declined to State/Unknown." To create a COD record for a STU.RC1 code value, see the Update Code Table documentation.

Independent Charter School checkbox:  reporting requirements are slightly different for Independent Charter Schools.  Set this option for a Charter School submitting data independent of your chartering district.

Pull County-District Code from School LOC records checkbox:  this option will extract the County-District Code for the district from the school records in LOC that are being extracted. This option should be used by "Combo-Districts" (districts where there are multiple districts managed in the same Aeries database).

STU.TG Values to Skip:  the process will skip any STU.TG value checked, for any STU records in your system that you don't want to extract.  These students must then be flagged with a selected STU.TG value, in order to be skipped by the extract.

After selecting any options on this tab, click the Save button.