The  Print Asset Items Report will print the Items of each Asset, whether they are checked out or not, check out information and other details.  The Report has various options.

Note:  Since all District/School owned items that can be issued to Staff and Students are now considered Assets, there is no longer a separate report for Textbooks. They are included in the Asset Items report.

The Print Asset Items Report is found under Reports > District Assets.

The Sort by: options are:

Asset Number: This will sort by the Asset # (RID), with the Asset Items in numerical order.

Asset Title:  This will sort the Asset Titles alphabetically, with the Asset Items in numerical order.

Asset Number, Student/Teacher:  This will sort by the Asset # (RID), with the Items checked out to Teachers listed first, followed by the Students.

The Filter and Other Options are:

Limit by Asset Code Type:  You may elect to print only one type of Asset such as Textbooks by selecting the Code for that Asset type.  The Asset Type (DRT.TY) is found on the Asset Details form on the Resources/Assets page.  The Codes are entered on the Update Code Table page.

Selecting a Code from the drop down menu will print only that Asset.

Print Shading:  Will shade every other row.

Include Serial Number (DRI.SR), Include Mac Address (DRI.MAC) and Include ISBN (DRT.IS):  Additional information that may be included.

Only Checked Out Items:  To limit the list to those Items still checked out.

Only Items for Current School:  Will limit the report to the Items that are assigned to the School (DRI.SCL)

Comments are from Student Asset Detail  (DRA.CO)