PENR-1 Gifted and Talented Programs Indicator

This indicator does not display on the Results page, but it is populated in the extract with either a Yes or a No. If PENR-2 includes any student counts, it will be populated with a Yes, otherwise it will be populated with a No.

PENR-2 Gifted and Talented Student Enrollment

Gifted and Talented Enrollment - an unduplicated count of students that have an active record in either the Gate (GTE) table or in the table, field and code specified on the General Settings tab for GATE.

CRDC - PENR-2 - Gifted And Talented Student Enrollment


  • Grade levels include preschool – grade 12 and ungraded secondary.
  • Will only include the students that are enrolled on the Fall Reporting Date.
  • The program will check for a record in GTE and evaluate the Eligibility Start (GTE.ESD) and End (GTE.EED) dates against the Fall Reporting Date.  If eligibility dates are blank, it will evaluate the Participation Start (GTE.PSD) and End (GTE.PED) dates. If no record was found in GTE it will look in the user-defined location, field and value (usually PGM.CD = 127).  If the table is PGM it will also evaluate the Eligibility and Participation dates against the Fall Reporting Date. The Fall Reporting Date must fall within these start and end dates to qualify as an active GATE record. 
  • See ENRL-1 for additional information on which records are included in the counts as well as demographic breakdowns.

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