NOTE – Always update the SQL database structure immediately following the installation of a new version of Aeries Web when there are changes to the SQL database. See Update Aeries SQL Databases for information on how to update the SQL database structure for the current version of Aeries that is being installed. 

Updating Aeries Web requires updating the Aeries web application on each server it is installed on. Additionally, the Aeries Reporting Engine should also be upgraded to a new version at the same time. 

 Update Aeries Web Server

  • Download AeriesInstallerSetup.msi to your web server.
  • Run the AeriesInstallerSetup.msi.  This will place the Aeries Updater in C:\Program Files (x86)\Aeries Software\Aeries Web Updater.
  • Download the latest update files from  The Web update will consist of two files that need to be installed:  and  It is recommended that you create a folder on your server where you keep only the latest updates so the file path never changes.  If there is an update to the SQL Database, run the UPDATECS.exe BEFORE running the Aeries Web updater. Always check the dates of the update files to ensure you are getting the latest one.
  • Run the “Aeries Updater” application.
  • Enter the correct path to the downloaded file and the current installation path of Aeries Web, usually in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Aeries
  • Click the “Install Aeries Update” button
  • The application will confirm when it has completed.
  • Repeat this process on all other Aeries Web servers.

Update Aeries Reporting Server

  • Download to your Aeries Reporting server and place it into your updates folder.
  • Run the “Aeries Updater” application.  If the Updater is already open, just click on the tab 'Aeries Reporting Engine'.
  • Verify that the "Aeries Reporting Update File" and "Aeries Reporting Installation Path" settings are correct.
  • Click the "Stop Aeries Reporting Service" button
  • Click the "Install Aeries Reporting Engine Update" button
  • Click the "Start Aeries Reporting Service" button

Check the version number on the Login screen to verify the Web update.

Run a report to verify the Reporting Engine updated correctly.