The Secondary Standards Based Grade Report Card is available from View All Reports.

The report card will pull the data from both the Grade Reporting (GRD) and Secondary Standards Based Grades (GRS) tables. Below is an example of the report card.

Report Card History

Report Card History is a feature that allows schools to save a permanent, electronic copy of every report card a student receives.  The Report Card History will remain with the student across multiple years and schools and can be accessed by office staff, teachers, parents and students given appropriate permissions.  The Report Card History is stored in the RCH table, and this security area is found under the Other Student Data category on the Security page.

A Generate Report Card History button has been added to the Print Secondary Standards Based Grade Report Cards Report Options form. Clicking this button will create or update Report Card History documents based on the options and students selected. This allows for a streamlined workflow of printing the report cards and then generating the Report Card History immediately afterward. When doing Report Card History, the option to print only one language is ignored, and the report card will not display the parent/guardian name and mailing address.

Viewing a student’s Report Card History requires Read permission to Report Card History (RCH).  The page can be found under Student Data | Grades in the navigation of the Admin and Teacher Portals and under the Grades menu of the Student and Parent Portal.  The page displays a list of all of the Report Card History records that exist for the current student.

There is also a Report Card History area on the Home page of the Student and Parent Portal that will display if the user has Read permission to Report Card History and the student has at least one item in Report Card History.  Only Report Card History for the current school year will display on the home page.

For more detailed information on Report Card History please see the Report Card History article.