The Grade Reporting process relies on the proper configuration of several other pages in Aeries. It is a good practice to review these pages yearly at the beginning of the school year and make any necessary adjustments. 

An important aspect of Grade Reporting is verifying the options have been set up correctly in School Options. The School Options page is under School Info on the navigation tree. Terms must be set up for the current school year with the Starting and Ending dates being valid school days as reflected in the School Calendar. All new schools now default to Multiple Mark Grade Reporting. Multiple marks indicates that a student's grades for a course will be stored in the Grade (GRD) table for more than one reporting period, utilizing the M1 - M12 fields. The report cards can be configured to print several marking periods on a single report card.

The Courses must also be verified to ensure the correct information prints on the Report Cards, such as, the Course Title, tagging the Academic Courses for GPA calculation, include T/A etc. Course titles can be translated into another language in the Correspondence Language tab.  The Courses page is under the Scheduling Process on the navigation tree. For more information on the Courses page please see the  Courses  documentation. 

The Master Schedule contains credit information utilized in the Grading and History programs. Verify that the Credit field contains the correct credit for the course. The Exclude field can be utilized so that the course does not show on any of the Grade Reports.