The Student Summons Call Slip Report produces a call slip (office pass) for a student.

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Student Summons Call Slip Report.

Select Students Tab

The Search Students tab has multiple ways of selecting students to add to the Student Summons Call Slip.  Students can be added using the Search by Student option, the Search by Counselor option, or the Search by Class option. Please note that the Search by Counselor option is labeled Search by Teacher in an Elementary school. Also, the Search by Class option is only available in a Secondary school. 

Students can also be added to the list by pasting in a list of Student ID Numbers (STU.ID), SSID Numbers (STU.CID), or Student Numbers (STU.SN) separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks. After entering a student list in the Student Search field or selecting a Grade Limit, click the Load Students button.  The students will be listed in the Search Results area.  Students can also be added to the list by running a KEEP or SKIP Query.  After the query has been run, click on the Load Students button on the Student Summons Call Slip Report and the students will now display in the Search Results area.  

In the example below, the students were limited to the 10th grade and are displayed in the Search Results after the Load Students button was clicked.

After the students have been loaded using one of the Student Search options and are displayed in the Search Results area of the form, students can be added to the Selected Students list.  Students can be selected individually or all students can be selected to be added to the Selected Students list.  To select individual students, click on the Select box to the left of the student’s name. To select All students, click the All button above the list of names. The None button can be selected to uncheck all checkboxes displayed in the Search Results section.  When the list of students has been selected in the Search Results section, click on the Right Arrow in the center of the form to move the students from the Search Results area to Selected Students area.  

Print Options Tab

The following report options are available:

  • Message Category - lists Category to filter for a Message Text.
  • Select Message - lists the messages available.
  • Message Text (Editable) - displays the Selected Message and allows for editing or adding additional text.
  • Date to Report - allows for a Date entry.  Defaults to current date.
  • Time or Period - allows for a specific Time or Period.
  • Print Student Number - prints Student Number (STU.SN).
  • Print Permanent ID - prints Student ID (STU.ID).
  • Print Birthdate - prints Student Birthdate (STU.BD).
  • Print Grade - prints Student Grade (STU.GR).

Update Summons Text Tab

The Update Summons Text tab can be used to add a new Message Text or edit an existing one.  

To add a new Message Text, click Add New Record.

Add the new Message Text and click the Disk Icon to Save.

To edit an existing Message Text, click the Pencil Icon.  After the edits, click the Disk Icon to Save.

When all options have been selected, Click the Run Report button located on the bottom of each tab.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Summons Call Slip in a school using Daily Attendance.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Summons Call Slip in a school using Period Attendance.