The Emergency Card Report displays the information from the Demographics page, Student Photo, Parent/Guardian Information, Emergency Contacts, Sibling Information and Medical Information.

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Student Emergency Card.

The following report options are available:

  • Honors a KEEP/SKIP query - recommended for large schools.
  • Sort By Student Name, Grade or Counselor - Elementary Schools will  have the additional option to sort by Teacher.
  • Print Contact's Red Flag - prints Red Flags (FLG).
  • Print Print Student Picture -prints Student Photo.
  • Print Siblings Information - prints Sibling Information (STU.FK).
  • Print Medical Information - prints Medical Information (STU.HP).
  • Include Inactive Students - includes Inactive Students (STU.TG).
  • Print Authorizations - prints Authorizations (AUT).
  • Print Student Schedule - this option is available when using a master schedule.  If selected, the student's class schedule will print.
  • Print Two Signature Lines - prints two Parent Signature Lines on the bottom of the report.
  • Double Side Printing - allows for duplex printing.
  • Show all Students (includes inactive students) - displays all students, including Inactive Students.
  • Clear All Button - report can print for selected students.  Click the student name(s) to include in the report.  Use the Clear All button to deselect students.  If no students are selected, report will print for all students.

When all options have been selected, click the Run Report button.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Emergency Card in a school using Daily Attendance with the options as shown above.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Emergency Card in a school using Period Attendance with the options as shown above and includes the Print Student Schedule option.