The Student Data Printout Report displays Demographics, Enrollment Information and Student Photo

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Student Data Printout.

The following report options are available:

  • Print Student Photo - prints Student Photo.
  • Print Shaded Lines - prints alternate line shading.  If not selected, the report will print on a white background.
  • Print Student Lives With Information - prints the Contact designated as Lives With (CON.LW).
  • Print User Codes - prints the Student User Codes (STU.U1 - U13).
  • Print Verification Pass Code - prints the Verification Pass Code (STU.VPC). 
  • Print Class Schedule - this option is available when using a master schedule.  If selected, prints class schedules.
  • Select a Term to Print - prints selected Term (MST.SM).
  • Include Inactive Students - includes Inactive Students (STU.TG).
  • Print by Student Name - prints by Student Name.
  • Print by Grade, Student Name - prints by Grade (STU.GR) then Student Name.
  • Grade Range - allows for grade level selection.

When all options have been selected, click the Run Report button.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Data Printout Report in a school using Daily Attendance with the options as shown above.

Displayed below is an example of the Student Data Printout in a school using Period Attendance with the options as shown above and includes the Print Student Schedule option.