Hayes Software Systems is an Aeries Partners in Education. They provide Asset Management solutions through their TIPWeb-IT software. They integrate with Aeries by utilizing the Aeries API to obtain student information. In addition, staff, parents, and students can view asset information on the fly by navigating to a page in Aeries without the need to log into another system.

To enable TIPWeb-IT integration, navigate to the 3rd Party System Connections page at the district level. Check the box to enable TIPWeb-IT Integration, and enter the URL, API Key, and Secret Phrase which can be obtained from Hayes Software Systems. In addition to enabling, permission will need to be granted to the TIPWeb-IT security area for any users or groups you wish to have access to TIPWeb-IT data.

Once set up, users with proper permission can then navigate to the Assets by TIPWeb-IT page in Aeries and it will display asset information from the third-party system. The Student Information Bar is displayed, and the student can be red-flagged just like all other student-related pages in Aeries.