The District Attendance Letter feature is meant to generate batches of letters at the district level, and allow school sites to confirm those letters before they are sent out. 

One of the benefits of centering letters around the district will be that these letters will have the capability of tracking attendance from multiple schools within the district. Also, district attendance letters will have the ability to be sent via Aeries Communications, email, or by printing out the letters.

District Attendance Letters are a flexible and customizable way for district-level personnel to send attendance letters to students' contacts via Aeries Communications, email, or by printing out the letters and mailing them. 

These letters can be sent to a district-wide group of students, or to the students in a specific school or group of schools. Attendance letters can be created for a variety of amounts and/or combinations of absence codes associated with a student's attendance, in different languages respective to the student's correspondence language, and with custom text that can be added for a specific group or "batch" of created letters.

The District Attendance Letters are generated at the district level and an email can be sent to staff members at the multiple school sites to notify them that the letters can be reviewed.  School staff can review the letters for their students and change the Delivery Type.  The generation and sending of District Attendance Letters is done at the district.

At the District level, filter Pages by "letter" or navigate to School Info > Configurations > Attendance Letters.

District Attendance Letters has three pages:  the Attendance Letter Editor page, the Attendance Letter Options page, and the Generate/Send Letters page, which will be discussed in greater detail in separate articles. 

  • Attendance Letter Editor includes:
    • Section to select Absence Codes to count for the letter
    • Letter text for each letter part with number of absences. Includes WYSIWYG Editor to include images (school logos), ability to bold text and other formatting
    • Letter text for other Languages
  • Attendance Letter Options include:
    • Various letter options 
    • School selection
  • Generate/Send Letters includes:
    • Ability to create a batch of letters
    • Start and End Dates for absences to include in the letter
    • Custom Text can be added for the specific batch
    • Can Review office copy of letters before sending
    • An email is generated to a designated person at the school to notify them that the letters have been generated and are available to review
    • Can change the Delivery Type of the letter at the school or district level
    • Comment box

Note:  District Attendance Letters are not required to be used.  Regular school based Attendance Letters can continue to be used if desired.  But it is not recommended to use both District Attendance Letters and regular school Attendance Letters.  A District Setting is available to Disable School Based Attendance Letters.  The following article contains more information.

Below is an example of a District Letter.