A Print Street Address Error Listing report is available in Client at the school level to help resolve incorrect address entries.  Different options are available, including an Update Options menu.  The Update Options allow the City, Zip Code, Grid Code, Next School and/or Residence fields to be updated with corrected data from the Street table. 

General Options:

  • Use the Mailing Address (STU.AD) or Residence Address (STU.RAD).
  • Print Only the Errors or Print ALL Addresses.
  • Sort by Error? Page Break by Error?

Update Options:

  • Update Address with Corrected Data – will update the City, Zip Code and/or Grid Code with data from the Street table.
  • Update Next School with Corrected Data – will update Next School (STU.NS).
  • Update School of Residence with Corrected Data– will update Residence (STU.RS).

Limit Options:

  • Ignore Mismatched Next School Fields
  • Ignore Mismatched School of Residence Fields
  • Include Inactive Students?
  • Include Address Verified? - Include students if the Address Verified (STU.AV) field is selected.
  • Skip Inter District Transfers? - When selected a dropdown of the Inter/Intra District (STU.IT) codes from the COD table will be available.  Select All/None or specific codes to skip.

After options have been selected, click the mouse on the OK button to generate a Street Address Error Listing Report.  In following example, the data printed on the top line for each student is the data from Student Demographics.  The data on the line below (second line) is from the Street table.

If any Update Options are selected, the Street Address Error Listing Report will display the changes to addresses in Student Demographics.  In the example below, since Update Addresses with Corrected Data was selected, the Street Address Listing Report displays a listing of data that was updated from the Street table.  Miranda Barreras had the City, Zip Code and Grid Code fields corrected and changed by the update process.