The Copy Many Student Records page can be used to copy one or more incoming students from schools in a separate Aeries database. For example, a high school district that has obtained a copy of the Aeries database from a feeder district can copy current 8th grade students from the feeder database as incoming 9th graders, or schools that create a separate database for Summer School could import just a single student. The new student records will be created in the school where the user is logged in.

The page is located in the navigation menu under School Info | Functions. It can also be found by using the Filter Pages feature in the navigation menu.

The Copy Many Student Records page allows the user to select the schools to copy from and the student-related tables to be copied. It also includes a feature to display counts of existing student records in the other database by school and grade. These features and all other options will be detailed in Copy Many Student Records - Process.

NOTE: This process is not intended to copy student records within the same database. Please use the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process to copy many students from schools in the same database.


The Copy Many Student Records page is accessible while logged in to any school, but NOT at the District level. An Aeries Administrator can run the Copy Many Student Records process. Permission can also be granted for non-Admin users to run the process. Non-admin users will need Read permissions to the Copy Many Student Records security area and both Insert and Mass Update to the Student Data security area.

Security Implications - Multiple Database Groups

The Copy Many Student Records page allows a user to select any database from the Aeries Connections file (AeriesNetConnections.config) to be the source database.

Aeries system administrators who have multiple Database Groups configured on the same instance of Aeries must exercise caution as the Copy Many Student Records page could allow users to copy student records from a database which they normally could not access at all.