The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page can be used by large districts to create pre-enrolled Student records based on existing active students’ Next School and Next Grade fields and for matriculating students. The new student records will be created in the new school with the Pre-Enrolled tag STU.TG = *. Prior to running the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process, in order to be sure that data will be copied correctly, the following data should be checked:

  • Verify ALL schools have the correct low and high grade range in School Options (LOC).
  • Verify ALL schools have correctly populated the Next School field for ALL students.
  • Verify that the Next Grade field is increased by one from the current Grade field (unless the student is being retained, is pre-enrolled, etc.).
  • Run the Pre-Rollover Audit Listing report to locate any errors in student records that could cause potential problems. See the Pre-Rollover Audit Listing Report documentation for more information.
  • Ensure that a recent Back Up of the SQL database is available before running this process.

The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page allows the user to select the schools that will be included and student-related tables to be copied. It also includes a feature to display counts of existing student records by school, grade, next grade, and next school. These features will be detailed in Create Pre-Enrolled Students - Process.


The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page is accessible while logged in to any school or at the District level. An Aeries Administrator can run the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process. Permission can also be granted for non-Admin users to run the process. Non-admin users will need Read permissions to the Create Pre-Enrolled Students security area and both Insert and Mass Update to the Student Data security area.