The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page can be used by large districts to create pre-enrolled Student records based on existing active students’ Next School and Next Grade fields. The new student records will be created in the new school with the Pre-Enrolled tag STU.TG = *. Prior to running the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process, in order to be sure that data will be copied correctly, the following data should be checked:

  • Verify ALL schools have the correct low and high grade range in School Options (LOC).
  • Verify ALL schools have populated the Next School field for ALL students.
  • Verify that the Next Grade field is increased by one from the current Grade field (unless the student is being retained, is pre-enrolled, etc.).
  • Run the Pre-Rollover Audit Listing report to locate any errors in student records that could cause potential problems. See the Pre-Rollover Audit Listing Report documentation for more information.
  • Ensure that a recent Back Up of the SQL database is available before running this process.

The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page allows the user to select the schools that will be included and student-related tables to be copied. It also includes a feature to display counts of existing student records by school, grade, next grade, and next school. These features will be detailed in Create Pre-Enrolled Students - Process.


The Create Pre-Enrolled Students page is accessible while logged in to any school or at the District level. An Aeries Administrator can run the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process. Permission can also be granted for non-Admin users to run the process. Non-admin users will need Read permissions to the Create Pre-Enrolled Students security area and both Insert and Mass Update to the Student Data security area.