Filter Pages for "create pre" or navigate to School Info > Functions > Create Pre-Enrolled Students

The Create Pre-Enrolled Students form will display the Schools tab:

Select Schools

On the Schools tab, select the Schools to Copy From and the Schools to Copy To. Each list has an All/None button at the top to quickly select or deselect all schools in the list.

Below each list there is a Select Grade Levels to Limit Schools option that allows you to quickly select schools that fall within a certain grade range. For example, if you are pre-enrolling students from middle schools to high schools, you may choose 6-8 on the left-hand side and 9-12 on the right-hand side.

Note: The Select Grade Levels to Limit Schools option facilitates the selection of schools from each list. It does NOT limit the grade level of the students to be copied. Always verify that the correct schools are selected from each list before continuing.

Related Tables to Copy

Select the Tables tab. The following form will display:

This form only shows tables related to the STU table. ID-based tables do not need to be copied because those records will automatically be accessible from the new school. The available tables will default into either the Tables Not Copied list or the Tables Copied list based on the records in the Tables to Copy (TTC) table. 

Tables can be moved between the two lists in several ways:

  • Double-click a table name to move it to the opposite list
  • Select a table name (or hold down Ctrl and select multiple table names) and click the button with the arrows to move to the opposite list
  • Click Remove All Tables to move all tables to the Tables Not Copied list
  • Click Add All Tables to move all tables to the Tables Copied list 

Note: Moving tables on this form will NOT update the TTC table. The selections will be used only for the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process and will not be remembered when the page is reloaded.


Select the Analysis tab or click the Analyze button. The following form will display.

Use this tab to summarize students by current school, current grade, next school, and next grade.  This will give an idea of the students who may be copied during the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process. The following options are available:

  • Process All Active Students – All active students will be included in the analysis regardless of grade level
  • Process High Grade Only – Only active students in the highest grade level at each school will be included in the analysis.

NOTE: This option is only used by the Analysis tab and will NOT affect the grade levels of students actually pre-enrolled during the process.

  • Bypass Students with NS = SC – Students with Next School equal to the current school will not be included in the analysis
  • Bypass Students with NS = 0 – Students with Next School equal to 0 will not be included in the analysis
  • Bypass Students with NG = GR – Students with Next Grade equal to their current grade will not be included in the analysis
  • Limit SC by “FROM” Selection – Only students in the selected Schools to Copy From will be included in the analysis
  • Limit NS by “TO” Selection – Only students with Next School equal to one of the selected Schools to Copy To will be included in the analysis

Click the Calculate Totals button to calculate the totals based on the selected options and populate the table to the right.

The table can be sorted by clicking on a column heading. Click a second time to sort in descending order.

Other Options

Other options are also available on the page.

  • Change New Students Enter Date – If this option is checked and a date is selected, the newly pre-enrolled students will have this date populated in their Enter Date (STU.ED).
  • Create Pre-Enrolled Studentswill no longer create a NEW copy of a student if they already exist in the next school. 
    1. If a Student has a Pre-enrolled copy in the next school already - no change - logged as "Already pre-enrolled",
    2. If a Student has an Active copy in the next school - no change - logged as  "Already active", 
    3. If Student has an Inactive copy in the next school - the status of that record will be changed to "*", logged as "Existing Inactive to Pre-Enrolled", update Grade and Next Grade

If the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process has previously been run on this database, a message will display in red at the bottom of the page, as shown below. This is informational only and does not prevent the process from being run again.

Run the Process

IMPORTANT:  Aeries strongly recommends taking a backup of your current SQL database before continuing. (If you are an Aeries Hosting customer, don’t worry about this. We have you covered!)

After all options have been selected, click the Update button. A confirmation message will display. If the option to Add Students Where They Already Exist was selected, the confirmation message will remind you of this, as well. Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to stop the process.

The Results tab will be selected and will display the following message. You do not need to stay on this page, and no additional information will appear on the page. The process runs in the background, and the email confirmation will contain the results.

When the process is complete, you will receive an email like the following:

The email will provide a .csv file attachment that includes a log of each student that was copied, as well as any errors that occurred. Please review this file to ensure there were no errors. The file is more easily reviewed in a spreadsheet application like Excel, where filters can be applied to quickly identify records that encountered errors.

Additional Notes

  • No student will be copied more than once during this process. If a student has multiple active STU records within the Schools to Copy From, one STU record among them will be selected based on primary enrollment status (STU.SP) and enrollment dates. The Next School and Next Grade values from this STU record will determine where to copy the student.
  • A student record will only be copied if the Next Grade is valid for the Next School.
  • It is possible for a STU record to be copied but for an error to occur when copying related tables. Therefore, please review the error log carefully to identify cases where a STU record was successfully copied but related tables are incomplete.
  • Usually, the Create Pre-Enrolled Students process is run once per school year in the second semester. If necessary, the process can safely be run multiple times without creating duplicate student records. A student will never be copied if there is already a pre-enrolled record for that student at their next school.

NOTE: The Create Pre-Enrolled Students process must be able to run to completion before running it again. If the Update button is selected before the process completes, the alert popup showed below will display:

If you leave the Create Pre-Enrolled Students form and then go back to it before the process has completed, the following message will display:

Once the process completes you will receive a completion email, and the Create Pre-Enrolled Students form will be available again.

  • Students with Next Grade (STU.NG) above the District’s high grade (LOC.HI for school 0) will never be copied during this process. If your district needs to create pre-enrolled records for students in the special grades 14-18, they will need to be done manually.