The Mass Update Graduation Status form allows users to assess the graduation status for 12th graders, and then mass update the Grad Status Code and Graduation Date for eligible students. The Mass Update Graduation Status form will verify specific requirements that must be met in order for a 12th grade student to graduate. The form will display the specific number of students that have or have not met the requirements. From this form, a specific Grad Status Code and Graduation Date can be recorded for students who have met the Graduation Requirements.

To view the Mass Update Graduation Status page, a user will need Read permissions to Mass Update Graduation Status. In order to use the process, a user will need Mass Update permissions for Mass Update Graduation Status.

Calculate Graduation Status Function

Before starting the Mass Update Graduation Status process, make sure that the HSG (High School Graduation) table is populated with data for each student at each school included in the process. To populate the HSG table for each school, visit the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard page, available at the school level. Filter Pages by "graduation" or navigate to Grade Reporting > Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard.

At the top of the page, click on the Calculate Graduation Status button. 

An email will be sent when the HSG update is completed. An informational graphic will display when the update was last run:

For more information, see the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard documentation.

Note: the Mass Update Graduation Status process relies on the HSG table being up-to-date. If one student's course and/or credit data is changed, loading that student's Graduation Status page will update HSG for that student. To update HSG for all students, the Calculate Graduation Status process must be run.

Run Graduation Status Report by Student

Before running the Mass Update Graduation Status process, be sure to run the Graduation Status Report for the 12th graders. Filter Reports for "graduation status" or navigate to Reports > Grades > Graduation Status Report by Student. 

Select at least Print 12th Graders and at least Algebra 1 Status and run the report. 

The report will allow you to review each student's graduation requirements and it will make sure that the Algebra 1 requirement is up-to-date for the Mass Update Graduation Status process.

Mass Update Graduation Status Page

Filter Pages by "graduation" or navigate to School Info > Functions > Mass Update Graduation Status. Alternatively, Mass Update Graduation Status is available from View All Forms.

The Mass Update Graduation Status form consists of four sequential horizontal tabs:  School Selection, Setup and Load Students, Review Summary, and Review Students. For more information on each tab, see the School Selection tab documentation, the Setup and Load Students tab documentation, the Review Summary tab documentation, and the Review Students tab documentation.

Running Mass Update Graduation Status at District or at School Level

The Mass Update Graduation Status process can be run for one school at the school level, or for a group of schools from the district level. Schools are chosen on the School Selection tab. When a user is logged into a school, that school will be checked and other schools can not be selected. When a user is logged in at the district level, a group of schools can be selected. 

Mass Update Graduation Status options are saved to the OPT table. Options saved at the district level (OPT.SC = 0) will be applied to all schools selected on the School Selection tab when the process is run. Options saved at a school level will apply only when the process is run in that school.

Using KEEP or SKIP to Mass Update Graduation Status

If you'd like to update the Graduation Status for a specific group of students, a KEEP or SKIP statement can be run in Query. Once the KEEP or SKIP is run, a Stu Records are being skipped message will display in the top left corner.