The Review Summary tab of the Mass Update Graduation Status page displays a table which summarizes the total numbers of 12th grade students who meet or do not meet the Graduation Requirements selected on the Mass Update Graduation Requirements Setup and Load Students tab. Using the data provided in the table, a Graduation Code can be assigned to each group of students.

The students are grouped according to how many options their student record fulfills and the Number of Students in each grouping is provided. 

The other table headers reflects the potential options from the Setup and Load Students tab:  Graduation Requirements, Algebra 1, Community Service, Competency Tests, and the User Requirement. The cells reflect three potential statuses:

  • If the option was not selected to be verified on the Setup and Load Students tab, the cell will be blank.
  • If the option was selected on the Setup and Load Students tab for verification, but the students do not fulfill the verification requirement, the cell will displayan empty checkbox.
  • if the option was selected on the Setup and Load Students tab, and students fulfill the verification requirement, the cell will displaya checked checkbox.

The right-hand column provides pull-down selections for Graduation Codes. For each group of students, an appropriate Graduation Code can be selected to assign to the students in that group.

After a Graduation Code has been assigned to a group of students, the Save Code Setup button will turn red. After all desired Graduation Codes have been selected, click the Save Code Setup button. This WILL NOT update the Student Graduation Status fields in the STU table. Save Code Setup will add the selected Graduation Code as a Query Tag Value (RTG.QT) with a Report Name Value of MassUpdateGraduationStatus to the students. See the Report Tags documentation for more information on using Report Tags.

Click on the Review Students tab to continue the process. See the Review Students tab documentation.