The final step in the Mass Update Graduation Status process occurs on the Review Students tab. The Review Students tab displays a list of the students by ID and name along with their verifications. The list also displays the Graduation Status codes selected on Setup and Load Students and summarized on the Review Summary tabThe Review Students tab allows for a review of a student's individual Graduation Requirements, before the graduation status and date is written to the STU and ENR tables for each student.

The table originally sorts by Graduation Code, then alphabetically. The table can be re-sorted by any of the headers in the header row; for example, by Student Name.

Print Verification Report

To view a report of the list of students with the Graduation Code and Graduation Date that will be assigned, click Print Verification Report

The Verification Report lists all students with the assigned Graduation Code and Graduation Date that will be loaded into the student record.

Update STU and ENR Tables

To assign the selected Graduation Codes and Graduation Date, click the Update STU and ENR Tables button.

If some students were not assigned a Graduation Code on the Review Summary tab, the following message will display. To continue, select Yes.

Click No if you need to assign more Graduation Codes before updating STU and ENR. Click Yes to proceed with updating STU and ENR for the selected groups of students.

All students who have been assigned a Graduation Code will be updated with the Graduation Code and Graduation Date on the Student Data 2 tab of their Demographics page. The assigned Graduation Code will be saved to the STU.HSG field and the Graduation Date will be loaded into the STU.DG field in the STU table.

Additionally, the ENR table will be updated. ENR.LD will be updated with the Leave Date (the Graduation Date) and ENR.ER (the Exit Reason) will be updated with code 230 Completer Exit (Finished Highest Grade).

After the process of updating STU and ENR is complete, you will receive an email: